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The use of personal cars has become a strong habit everywhere. Thanks to a rented car, travel on holidays becomes comfortable and unforgettable. Our online car rental service is a great solution for those who like predictability, value personal space and are not ready to shake on public transport.

Cheap car rentals from local companies can save both time and money, especially if you travel with three or people together. You do not have to wait for transport in a foreign city or call and bargain taxi service to get you to the destination. At the same time, the cost of rental will ultimately be lower than bus or train tickets for all the passengers.

Is car rental and car sharing the same thing?

No, car sharing is a short-term rental, most often for locals in big cities. Hire is a long-term service of a day or more, most often for tourists and business travelers. Thanks to a trip on a rental car, it becomes possible to explore every corner of the selected region, to see its attractions in a short period of time, because only you are the owner of a car in a given period of time. Car sharing needs to be sought, to catch a free car through the radar, the car may not have a child seat, and the car itself may simply not be there. In general, renting a car is better.

Who should rent a car without a driver?

Renting without a driver is ideal for those traveling with a short-term goal (business or vacation) to another country. Everyone who wants to rent a car appreciates freedom, privacy and comfort. Finding an honest service with trusted car rental companies is not so easy today.

What are the pitfalls when renting cars abroad?

There are basic concepts such as deposit, deductible and additional services (often, unfortunately, hidden). Due to competition, large rental companies are forced to offer cheap car rentals and resort to various tricks that allow them to rent cars at the lowest price on the market. At the same time, they are forced to earn money on maintenance fees, fines, underfilling of fuel, and the most unpleasant of all possible ones is compensation for damage for repairs. All “rental companies” to some extent earn on the “repair”, because accidents happen (this is a fact). We are doing our best to deal with such incidents with our customers - whether the customer really caused damage to the rental company and whether there was anything to recover. All the reviews that we post on the site are real and greatly facilitate the choice of a perfect rental company. Ask anyone who has ever rented a car anywhere – good reviews are just as important as low prices.

Where is the most expensive car rental?

The most expensive rental for middle class cars is in Iceland and Dubai. Both countries themselves are not cheap. From budget countries, Tbilisi and Yerevan can be distinguished. There are not enough cars in the season and slightly higher than you would expect.

Can I rent a car without a deposit?

Yes, you can, we have such offerings in Tivat, Burgas, Larnaca and Thessaloniki. But you shouldn't beware of a deposit in general: this is just a good reason to handle the car carefully – as if it was your own.

Where can I rent a car online?

Through our service you can order cheap cars in different parts of the world: Athens and Karlovy VaryPaphos, Athens, Heraklion and Chania, fabulous Rhodes and Santorini. Local companies are independent family businesses that have their own fleet of 10 cars or more, which they rent. Such rentals are essentially individuals, but they work officially, under a contract, and their activities are regulated by law, which is very important. Renting a car from private traders without a contract is an extremely risky occupation, we do not advise anyone to practice it.

Is fuel included in the rental price?

No, rentals indicate prices through our online car rental service excluding fuel, i.e. you will have to refuel the rented car with gas or diesel. But in most cases, the vehicle is already delivered with a full tank and the return must also be made with a full tank. On the Greek islands of Crete and Corfu, cars are almost always returned with the same amount that they received, such a fuel policy is called the same / same or amount / amount. In rare cases, cunning distributors can practice the full / empty policy (for example, in Limassol), but we try not to work with such ones.

What do I need to rent a car around the world?

Our international car rental service provides the largest selection and affordable prices for car rentals in cities of Kutaisi, Podgorica, Sofia and Varna. At the same time, international driving license is only required when renting a car in the Emirates and Thailand. Requirements are usually the age (23+ years) and experience (from 2 years and above). Our main advantage is fair and transparent rental conditions, low deposits as well as real reviews. You can get acquainted with detailed information on rental requirements and conditions when booking a car (after you click Book It).

What's cheaper – a car rental or a transfer?

Car rental online is so popular just because of the benefits compared to taxi transfers. In theory, a taxi driver can be a good conversationalist and even a guide to make your trip fun and boring. But from the point of view of cost savings, personal space and freedom of decision-making, it is a much to rent a car in the Czech Republic, Montenegro or Cyprus than a transfer with a driver in these countries.

What is the difference between a deposit and a franchise?

A deposit is the amount you want to freeze in cash or on a card. It will be returned immediately after returning the car or after a while (maybe fines will come after the return). In this case, the deductible is the limit of liability for the vehicle (if it has CDW insurance). That is, a deductible is the limit of damage that is recoverable from the client’s wallet. The rest is covered by the CDW insurance company. The deductible and the deposit may not coincide in size, for example, in Greece, Prague, Georgia and Armenia, the deposit is often lower than the deductible. In Spain and Croatia, a deposit may be asked to be left only with a freeze on a card. But in Bulgaria for example, the deposit amount is almost always taken in cash – in local currency.

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