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Is it possible to rent a car in Australia with a photocopy or scanned copy of a driver's license?

You will need an original driver's license to get a car. It will also have to be on you when driving. You cannot drive in Australia with a photocopy of driver's license. The police will consider this as the absence of driver's license.

If we order a car to be picked up at the airport, where exactly will we get it?

Usually the manager meets clients in the arrivals area in Australia, and then you go to the parking lot, where you draw up the documents and get your car.

What determines the price of delivery of the car in Australia to the desired address?

Delivery within the city is free. If the rental is located in another city, then you can get a car in Australia for an additional fee.

Will the manager wait for us at the airport if our flight is delayed?

In case the flight is delayed, inform the manager by phone specified in the voucher. In this case, he will keep in mind, he will try to adjust his schedule for you and you will receive the car at the right time.

Will the car be served to any chosen address in Australia, or are there any restrictions?

There are certain restrictions, of course, and it depends on where the rental company is located. Within the framework of the settlement, the car will be delivered to any place.

Is it true that some cars are rented without CDW in Australia?

To find out the scope of CDW coverage, move the mouse cursor to the question mark next to the name of the insurance option. There will be information about the risks that this particular insurance covers when renting a car in Australia.

Are there any special conditions for obtaining insurance for Local Car Hires customers in Australia?

MTPL for all our cars comes by default, the possibility and terms of providing other insurance options does not depend on us, but on specific local rental providers with whom we cooperate in Australia.

How is insurance extended in Australia?

If you are extending your car rental, then most likely a new contract or an addendum to the in Australia rental will be signed with you, where the time of insurance will be agreed.

What does CDW include in Australia?

CDW - insurance of a vehicle against damage caused by the lessee. You can read about the validity of each insurance by clicking on the question mark next to the name of the insurance on the description page of each car.

Is the deposit after booking the car in Australia not debited from the card?

It might be debited or preauthorised. The deposit for the car is paid upon receipt of the car in Australia. It is received and then returned to you directly by the rental company from which you rent a car through our service. Nothing extra will be debited from the card, except for the prepayment. If it's not the case, let us know – we'll sort it out.

What is the time range for making a prepayment for car rental in Australia?

Advance payment (15-20%) for car rental in Australia must be paid immediately after booking. The payment link is active for 10 minutes. If you do not have time to pay, the reservation will be deleted and you will need to book again.

Do I pay for the online car booking in Australia?

By booking a car in Australia through us, you do it absolutely free. Everything here is fair and without overpayments and unexpected fees.

Is it possible to fully pay the car rent on the spot?

Unfortunately, payment for car rental in Australia in full upon receipt is not provided. The terms of use of our service require a prepayment of up to 20% at the time of booking.

Is it possible to rent a car in Australia without prepayment?

No, unfortunately, you won't be able to rent a car without prepayment. This is a guarantee of your intention to take the car and the mandatory conditions of the rental in Australia.

Is it possible to pay for the car reservation in Australia all together, not dividing the payment into two parts?

When registering a car rental in Australia through us, you pay 15-20% of the rental as an advance payment when booking, and pay the remaining amount to the rental upon picking up the car. It is extremely rare to pay the entire amount at once through the site and in manual mode through the support service.

If there is a flight delay, can we still get the car at the airport?

The main thing is to warn the manager of the rental company in Australia as soon as you become aware of the delay. So the manager can adapt his schedule and bring you a car.

Does the possibility of changing or canceling the rental depend on the car in Australia?

It does not depend. All rental companies in Australia listed on our site are subject to the same conditions. You can change the order as you like and even refuse it if 7 or more days are left before receiving the car without overpayments. You can make small changes (pickup location, add options) at any time. The main thing is that it is made no later than a day before pick-up, so that the manager has time to plan the day.

Are there any car mileage restrictions in Australia? If so, where can I find this information?

There is no mileage limitation for almost all cars. Only expensive cars can have it. This information is shown on the page of each vehicle and when booking.

Is there a maximum number of days for which you can rent a car in Australia?

As such, there is no maximum period, but the rate scales in Australia rentals are usually limited to a period of 30 days, that is, the rental price per day will no longer be lower than it is for a 30-day rental.

Is it advantageous to get a car at the airport?

Getting a car at the airport is easy and convenient, and sometimes even free. Many companies in Australia are ready to deliver the car to the airport without additional payment for this service. Thus, starting from the airport, you immediately save on the transfer.

How can I book a car with the ability of pick-up and return at different locations?

Through search. Just enter the points where you would like to receive and return the car.

Is the car rental cost in Australia indicated in the voucher fixed or only a preliminary estimation?

The cost of services that you see on the website and in the voucher is final. You will not be charged any additional fees upon receipt of the car in Australia. This is one of the main advantages of our service.

What should I do if I do not have time to return my rented car by the due date in Australia?

Don't worry, most of the time in Australia companies have a certain waiting period from the appointed time during which you can return the car. Usually, for a delay with a return of 1-2 hours, you will not be charged money. But it is better, of course, to notify the manager by phone as early as possible that you will be late with the return.

Do you have diesel cars on offer in Australia?

Yes, sure. You can see the type of fuel in the Characteristics of each car.

Do you have automatic transmission cars in Australia?

Of course, we have both automatic and manual transmission cars. Transmission information is available on each vehicle page. Moreover, for your convenience, when specifying dates and locations of booking, you can also specify Type: Automatic. After you click Search cars, you will see the available cars automatically.

How old are the cars that you have on offer in Australia?

There are both newer and older cars in Australia, but they are all well maintained. You can always see the year of manufacture of the car in the car card in the search and on the car page.

What should we base our choice on when choosing a car in Australia?

Based on our in Australia experience, customers are most often guided by budget and their own expectations, such as car type, price and specifications. Already having a choice of several suitable options, you can choose with the help of photos, reviews from other customers, as well as consulting with our support.

What does 'mileage limitation' mean for a rented car?

Some cars in Australia are rented on condition that the renter will not drive the car for more than a specified number of kilometers per day during the rental period. For multi-day rentals, the limits are summed up. For example, if the mileage limit is 250 km. per day, so when renting for 5 days, the total mileage should not exceed 1250 km. It's easy to check. When the car is being passed to you, the current odometer value is recorded in the rental agreement. When returning the car, the odometer readings are also checked and the total mileage for the rental period is calculated. If the difference exceeds the limit, the kilometers over the limit are additionally paid according to the "overrun" tariff. You can see if this limitation exists in the rental conditions when booking, so that all conditions are known to you in advance.

I ordered a car. Does the voucher need to include insurance information?

Yes, the voucher usually contains basic information about your car booking. Including, there will be information about which insurance you have chosen when renting a car. If not, prental contact us.

Will a photocopy or scanned copy of a driver's license work for car rental in Australia?

You will need to have a driver's license anyway when renting a car in Australia. Problems can arise on the roads without it. Therefore, to get a car, you also need to have a driver's license with you.

Do we need a special driver's license if we want to rent a minivan in Australia?

To rent a minivan through our website in Australia, a category B driving license is enough. You can boldly rent it, having a standard driver's license for a passenger car.

Is roadside assistance included in the rental price of a car in Australia?

Usually, supporting the driver on the road means replacing the car in the event of breakdowns and malfunctions. Normally, such support is included in the price of the car in Australia rental. But the conditions of the insurance that is valid for this particular car are no less important.

Could there be an error from your side in the car rental amount in Australia?

There should be no mistake - all information on our website is accurate and up-to-date. If you think that you have found some kind of bug or bug, prental let us know via the support chat or contacts in the lower right corner of the page.

Where can I share complaints/a suggestion for the service improvement?

We are always happy to hear from you about your in Australia rental experience. You can leave a review after the rental is completed in your personal account. You can also contact us in any way convenient for you and tell us about your experience.

Is the second driver for your cars a paid option when renting a car in Australia?

The conditions for providing the additional driver option depend on the rental company that owns the car you want in Australia. For some cars, adding an additional driver may be free. This can be checked in the "Additional drivers" option when registering a car rental.

Do you have a "second driver" service for cars in Australia?

Yes, this service can be provided for most cars in Australia. Once you have selected a car for the dates you need, you will be taken to the booking page, where you can select additional options, including the "additional drivers" service

What determines the possibility of providing additional. equipment and services when renting a car in Australia?

The package of services and the cost of each individual service or equipment depends on the particular car and rental company in Australia. When you go from the search to the car page, you can see all the main available services and the price, if the service is provided for an additional fee. You can also indicate additional wishes that will be fulfilled if possible.

What are the best price / quality ratio cars in Australia?

We advise you to choose a car based on your own preferences and budget - using our filters you can easily find the relevant options. Further, you can be helped by the reviews of our clients who previously used the services of rental companies presented on our website in Australia. Or contact us in support - we will help you with your choice.

Is it better to book a car in Australia in advance or when already on the spot?

First of all, the cheapest cars are booked in advance. The closer to the dates, the more expensive options in Australia remain free.

Is it possible to rent a car in Australia in summer without booking in advance?

If you look for a car in Australia closer to the travel dates, then the problem will not be in the price, but in the availability. The later you book, the fewer budget cars are available. Only expensive cars can remain in the peak season.

My son is 10, can he ride in the front seat in Australia?

Yes, you can.

Which driving licence will I need to present if we run into traffic police officers in Australia?

If you come across a traffic police officer in Australia, you will need to present the rights for which you rented a car and whose number is indicated in the contract.

Will you be fined in Australia if the person driving is not included into rental agreement?

Yes, this is a violation of the rental and there may be a fine for it. It is best to avoid this by adding additional drivers to your in Australia rental in advance.

Is the delivery of the very same vehicle guaranteed?

The advantage of our service is that you yourself choose a car in Australia based on characteristics, reviews and photos. You can also request additional options. In exceptional cases, if you book a car through us, you can be provided with a car of a similar or higher class at no additional cost.

Will we be warned in advance if the car we have chosen is not available in Australia?

Yes, in such cases we always contact the client in advance and try to find alternative rental options. You do not have to worry - the rental voucher is the guarantee of your rent. After confirming the rent changes are possible only in case of unexpected circumstances that do not usually happen.

Whom should I contact if the rental company in Australia does not fulfill its obligations?

Usually rental companies in Australia try to negotiate with each client. However, you can always contact us by writing us an email to or by contacting in any other way convenient for you. We will help as much as we can.

What guarantees do you provide? Do you have confidence in the rental companies in Australia?

We only work with reliable local car rentals in Australia - you can verify this by reading the reviews available on our website. When booking through us, you make an advance payment of 15-20%, the rest you pay upon picking up the car. Usually we do not have any problems, but when booking through us, you can count on our support and assistance in case of any disagreement with the car rental company.

Are the companies in Australia presented on Local Car Hires reliable?

Yes, we only work with trusted local companies in Australia. You can be convinced of this by studying customer reviews of each rental on our website.

Why renting a car in Australia through Local Car Hires is safer than going directly to the rental office?

When renting a car in Australia. through us you have additional support from our side. In disputable situations, we take the client's side and will try to help you resolve any disagreements with the car rental company, if any.

Do your employees speak Russian?

Yes, we speak Russian. If you need support, prental contact us via the chat on the site or in any way convenient for you. Our contacts are presented at the bottom of the page.

Where else do you operate, except Australia?

We operate mostly in tourist destinations. For instance, you can rent a car in Czechia, find car rentals in Iceland and Israel. Many tourists want to rent a car in UAE with us. Start typing any location in search and you'll see where we operate.

We are renting several cars at once through you in Australia, do you get a discount in such cases?

Discounts for 2-3 bookings in Australia are not provided, but write to us in the support chat, and we will show you how to order a car on the most favorable terms in Australia.

Do you have a discount on the first booking in Australia?

There are no discounts for first booking in Australia. However, by booking through us, you can already be sure that you are renting a car on the most favorable terms. Moreover, if you rent through us, you will never face any overpayments and unexpected additional commissions.

While booking, you need to specify a phone number, but we are going to buy a local SIM card upon arrival in Australia, which means that the phone number will be different. What is the best way to proceed in this case?

Enter your current emergency number now. And when you buy a local SIM card, just send us and the manager your new number. We will add it to your order.

After booking, should the car disappear from the search on the website?

In most cases, the car disappears from the search results.

When filling out the form for booking a car in Australia, you must specify the contact phone numbers. Is it possible to indicate the numbers of my home country operators, and in what format should they be indicated?

The contact phone number can be your usual one, because it will probably work in Australia in roaming. An example of entering a phone number is indicated in the field itself where you need to enter the number: the number must start with a plus sign and then in the international format.

I am renting a car in Australia for 3 days, and the system displays it as 4 days. What could be an issue?

The fact is that the system calculates the rental period by day. If you have, say, the date of receipt is September 1, 10:00, and the return date is September 4, 12:30, the system will consider the difference of 2.5 hours between the time as the next day. Therefore, the time of receipt and return should be monitored when registering a rental in Australia.

Is it possible to get in touch with you via phone for car hire in Australia?

You can contact us by a single customer support number, but we do not practice booking by phone and resolving consultative issues, with the exception of issues requiring an immediate response and support from our side. All car bookings in Australia must be made online. We recommend using the chat on the website or messengers.

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