Day 1: Tbilisi - Gori - Uplistsikhe - Borjomi

Start your trip early in the morning and head to Gori, a city located approximately 85 kilometers west of Tbilisi. In Gori, visit the Stalin Museum and learn about the life of the former Soviet leader. Next, drive to Uplistsikhe, an ancient rock-hewn town that dates back to the 1st millennium BC. Explore the caves and tunnels of Uplistsikhe and marvel at the ancient architecture. Afterward, drive to Borjomi, a resort town known for its mineral waters and beautiful surroundings. Take a stroll in Borjomi Central Park and taste the famous Borjomi mineral water.

Day 2: Borjomi - Vardzia - Akhaltsikhe

On day 2, drive to Vardzia, an ancient cave city that was once a strategic center for the Georgian Kingdom. Vardzia is located approximately 110 kilometers south of Borjomi and takes around 2.5 hours to reach. Explore the ancient caves and marvel at the stunning views of the surrounding landscape. Afterward, drive to Akhaltsikhe and visit the Rabati Castle, a historic fortress that has been restored and turned into a museum.

Day 3: Akhaltsikhe - David Gareja Monastery - Tbilisi

On the final day of your trip, drive to the David Gareja Monastery complex, located approximately 140 kilometers east of Tbilisi. The complex features ancient cave monasteries that were established in the 6th century AD. Explore the complex and marvel at the ancient frescoes and stunning views of the desert landscape. Afterward, drive back to Tbilisi and end your trip with a delicious Georgian meal in one of the city's many restaurants.

Tips for Your Trip:

  • Make sure to bring comfortable shoes and clothing for hiking and walking.
  • Rent a car in Tbilisi or at Tbilisi Airport.
  • Bring a GPS or a detailed map to navigate your way around Georgia's winding roads.
  • Follow the speed limits and traffic rules to avoid any accidents or fines.
  • Bring cash, as many places in Georgia do not accept credit cards.

A 3-day round trip from Tbilisi by car is a great way to explore Georgia's stunning natural landscapes and ancient history. From the ancient cave city of Uplistsikhe to the stunning desert monasteries of David Gareja, there's no shortage of fascinating destinations to visit. So, pack your bags, rent a car, and hit the road for an unforgettable adventure in Georgia!