On the border with Serbia is an interesting town Belogradchik. It is attractive for its rocks, which are more than 200 million years old, caves and fortress. Its population is 5000 people. There are neat little houses, cozy streets covered with cobblestone which goes up and down. Tourist will be interesting to walk through the city, go to the local tavern or restaurant and taste the dishes according to traditional recipes. And then go on an amazing journey through the natural sights, which will not leave anyone indifferent.

The distance from Sofia is about 180 km, so it is more convenient to get there by renting a car. Three hours on the road and you'll find yourself in a city unlike any other in Bulgaria.


People come here to see the mountain fortress of Roman times, huge rocks and ancient caves. So after exploring the city, explore the natural and historical beauty of Belogradchik.

  • Fortress

Once upon a time, the huge rocks had a defensive function. People only needed to complete it a little. Thus a fortress appeared which protected the Bulgarians during the wartime and is now the main attraction of the town. From here you can enjoy an incredible view of the surrounding nature and residential areas. At night the fortress is beautifully lit with bright lanterns.

  • Rocks

The strange shapes and colors of the rocks here are very special. They are divided into 5 groups, the most famous of which is located near the fortress (central rock). The other 4 spread out on different sides: south, west, north and east. They are easy to reach by car, because the cliffs are a few kilometers away.

In any weather, even the foggiest and rainiest, the cliffs amaze with their power and beauty. You can walk among them for a long time, take incredible pictures and observe the surroundings from the observation decks.

  • Caves

Twenty minutes from the city is the most visited cave, the Magura Cave. The main feature is the prehistoric drawings, which date back 2,700 years BC. Here you can see the men and animals and how they hunted. A unique sun and moon calendar of 366 days.

Walking through the cave galleries, you can consider the huge stalactites and stalagmites, cave pearls and sinter pockets. There is even a wine cellar, the cave has ideal conditions for it.

Other things to do

Belogradchik has an Astronomical Observatory where visitors can observe the night sky. The Historical Museum tells about the life, customs and history of the town, and the Museum of Natural History tells about the animals and plants of the region.

Near the cave Mangup is a lake Rabishkoe, which is covered with legends and tales. Here you can have a good rest with tents and enjoy the local nature.

The city itself will delight tourists with its welcoming atmosphere, narrow streets and good restaurants. From the center of Belogradchik starts all the most interesting routes to the main attractions. Be sure to check out the town to experience its color.