Just 2.7 km from Samui International Airport is the island's main attraction and amulet, the Big Buddha Temple. Such statues are located in different parts of Thailand and are considered to be its symbol. Thais especially tried on the island of Koh Samui and built a 12-meter Buddha, which protects the inhabitants from adversity and brings good luck.

For the temple allocated the territory on the hill island of Phan, which is connected with Samui road. Therefore, get here more convenient to use a car that can be rented directly from the airport.


The main attraction of the temple and is a statue of Buddha. To get there, you have to walk barefoot on the 60 steps, which are guarded by dragons. There are fences with bells on the perimeter. The locals believe that if you ring them, it will attract good luck and cleanse from sins. The divine figure is surrounded by small statues, and the Buddha himself is covered with a layer of gold leaf.

The statue was erected to protect the island from adversity and natural disasters in 1972. Therefore, it is not historical, but is of great importance to Thais. In addition, this place is a great vantage point with a panoramic view of the sea and the neighboring island.

If you wish, every tourist can approach the monk on the right side of the stairs who will tie a string on your hand and bless you by sprinkling holy water. They say if the bracelet will hold on your hand at least 3 days, and then untie itself, you are lucky and lucky.

Next, you can look at a mythical sculpture 100 meters from the steps. It depicts a woman with fangs, killing the island's ill-wishers. Other figures you can see a mermaid, a monk, a dragon-headed rider and warriors guarding the peace of the Buddha.

What else to see

The temple complex flows smoothly into the rows of cafes and souvenir shops. The prices here are higher than in the markets and stores, but it is worth a walk through them. Perhaps you will find something unusual, which is not on Koh Samui.

For example, there is an interesting "kotokafe". The food here is the same as everywhere else on the island, but there is a distinctive feature - cats walking freely indoors.

At the entrance is an art studio, where they make unusual figurines of heroes from metal and old car parts. You can buy something for yourself or just look at the handmade masterpieces.


  • It is worth coming here on clear days, when in addition to the temple complex you can admire the panoramic views;
  • Many people consider the temple not really religious and neglect the appearance. However, it is better to respect the local culture and ascend to the Buddha with your shoulders and feet covered;
  • Linger here longer to see how low the planes fly overhead.