In Slovenia there is a cozy resort town with the lake Bled of the same name. This place attracts with its quiet, romantic atmosphere, and the views are fascinating at any time of the year. You can come here with family, with friends, a couple in love, and even a solo traveler will be comfortable. Bled is suitable for hiking, relaxing on the beach, sightseeing and enjoying nature.

The town is situated 54 km from the capital Ljubljana. The way by car takes about an hour. The best time to get out early in the morning to enjoy and experience the beauty of this picturesque region.

What to do in the city

Bled is a great place for an active vacation. The beauty of nature is mesmerizing, so you can begin your acquaintance with the local beauties.

One of the most visited places and natural attractions of Slovenia is Lake Bled, surrounded by mountains. In summer you can sunbathe here and go boating.

Another interesting feature is a small island with a chapel in the middle of the lake. You can get here by boat (the breath is paid). It is said that in the chapel there is a bell that grants wishes.

An amazing story is associated with this place. The bell was commissioned by the widow of the owner of Castle Bled. But its first version got lost at the bottom of the lake, never arriving at its destination. After that, the woman went to the Pope, who facilitated the creation of a new bell. Now it decorates the chapel and gives residents and tourists the belief that by striking it, any wish will come true.

For entertainment, you can take a ride on a horse, play golf or tennis, rent a bike and ride the mountain peaks. You can visit thermal springs and improve your health. Nature lovers can go mountain climbing, boating on mountain rivers. In summer you can go parachuting and paragliding.

Also an important tourist program will be acquaintance with historical and cultural sights.


  • Bled Castle

One of the oldest castles in Slovenia. Located on a picturesque cliff. A historical park is situated nearby, where it's pleasant to walk and admire the beauty. From the observation decks there is a panorama of the city and the lake.

Inside the castle there is an interesting museum and gallery. It often holds historical events and festivals. And in the basement is a wine cellar, where you can taste and buy the best wines in Slovenia.

There are restaurants, stores and souvenir shops. This is a great place to explore the cultural part of Bled with breaks for a delicious, national lunch and souvenir shopping.

  • Bled Island with chapel

Another amazing and historically significant place mentioned earlier in the article.

  • Wintgar Canyon

In addition to the famous Lake Bled, you can also visit another natural attraction - Wintgar Canyon. During the walk you will see steep cliffs, waterfalls (the biggest is Shum, 13 m high), walk across wooden bridges over the Radovna River and immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of the local region.