One of the most interesting historical sites on the island is Akrotiri Cape. It is located 20 minutes by car from the capital of Tyre. From here you have panoramic views to the coast of Iya, wild, authentic beaches with fish taverns and two very important landmarks of the island.

This is a great opportunity to get to know the ancient settlement. Neolithic ruins and relics have been found in the volcanic ash. Here there is a well-developed sewage system, complex schemes found in the excavations.

In Akrotiri you can delve into the historical past of a part of Santorini.


The first thing to explore is the ancient city of Akrotiri, which is located near the village of the same name. In several millennia BC the area was inhabited by an advanced civilization, as evidenced by the artifacts found, the multi-storey houses and an intricate system of sewers. A volcanic eruption covered the city with a layer of ash, thanks to which the remains are very well preserved.

Here you will see buildings with workshops and dormitories, furniture, pottery, and frescoes. The main archaeological finds are now preserved in the museums of Athens and Tyre.

After exploring the ancient history, you can walk through the streets of the modern settlement, visit traditional cafes and stores. Here you can also explore the ruins of the Venetian castle.

On the promontory is an ancient lighthouse, near which it is good to meet the sunset. There are also churches worth seeing: the Church of Our Lady and the Church of the Holy Trinity.

Beaches of Akrotiri

Some of the most famous beaches on the island are on the Akrotiri Cape. They attract tourists with their identity and the surrounding scenery. Therefore, after the historical sights, it is good to relax on one of them.

  • Red Beach

You can either go down a stony path or take a boat ride down to the beach. The beach is characterized by red rocks. In the holiday season there are a lot of tourists, but at least once on the red beach is worth visiting. Divers love to come here because of the rich seabed. 

  • White Beach

You can get here only by sea. Take a tour boat from Red Beach or Akrotiri port. White pebbles, clean sea and no civilization - an ideal place for lovers of quiet, secluded vacation. 

  • Caldera Beach

This beach is located on the opposite side of Akrotiri Cape. It is characterized by its black volcanic sand. From here you can see the sunset into the sea, there is a cozy restaurant and you can go diving and fishing.


  • Be sure to try the local wine, which has an unusual taste because the grapes grow on volcanic ash;
  • Shoes to explore the beaches should be comfortable, sneakers are better (because of the steep slopes and rocks);
  • It is best to leave the car in the parking lot and walk around the promontory on foot.