On the Baltic coast there is a very picturesque Cape Taran. It is an ideal place for lovers of seclusion, beautiful sunsets and noise of sea waves. The height of the cape reaches 60 meters, making it one of the highest in the world.

The easiest and most convenient way to get here is by renting a car. From the capital the road will take about an hour. When you get to Yantarnaya Street in Donskoe village, leave your car at a free parking lot and walk along a path through a wooded area. Then you will see the beach, which will take you to the Cape and the lighthouse Taran.

What to do at Cape Taran

Cape Taran is one of the most beautiful places in Kaliningrad region. Therefore, if you have a free day, you should definitely visit this picturesque place.

There are no many attractions, tourist routes and developed infrastructure. Cafes and stores you can visit in the village Donskoe. The main attraction of the cape are the views that open from above. Although below on the beach is also quite landscape.

Why come here:

  • for a picnic;
  • fishing;
  • to sunbathe, to relax (in summer);
  • to enjoy, be inspired by the surrounding scenery;
  • an excursion to the Taran lighthouse.

In more detail, on the beach is very great to have a picnic, gather a good company, roast barbecue and sing songs. This place is loved by fishermen because of the catch that can be caught near the shore: trout, pike-perch, salmon, etc.

The Baltic Sea is not very suitable for swimming, because even in the heat it is cool. The bottom of the cape is stony, with a strong current. However, during the summer, tourists and locals gather on the beaches to sunbathe and relax by the shore.

And what a view you can get from there! At any time of year on Taran has its own unique atmosphere and beauty. Sandy cliffs, decorated with green forests, bubbling blue sea - will not leave anyone indifferent. And do not forget to take a couple of pictures as a memento.

Sometimes there are excursions to the lighthouse, which is important for the Kaliningrad region.

In addition, on the beach you can find amber stones, which are brought here by the sea. Some tourists take some for themselves, but it is important to remember that the illegal collection of precious stones faces an impressive fine.

Taran lighthouse

The lighthouse at Cape Taran is regarded as one of the most important structures of the Kaliningrad region. Its function is to ensure safe entry to ships in the Baltic and Kaliningrad ports.

The height of the lighthouse is about 30 m. The family of the lighthouse worker lives on its territory and the entrance is by pass only. If you really want to take a closer look, you will have to arm yourself with a camera and pretty eyes. Or you can go on a guided tour. Although you will not be allowed inside, because the lighthouse is located on military territory.


  • If you like solitude, it is better to come in the morning or in the cooler part of the year;
  • Take closed shoes and warm clothes. Winds are strong and the sand is soft and humid, so shoes with waterproofs are recommended;
  • Try to stay until the sunset, which is impossible to describe in words, but worth seeing for yourself.