Not far from the village of Marathokambos is Mount Kerkis. Tourists from all over the island come here to visit the cave of Pythagoras. It is said that he lived and worked here for 10 years hiding from Polycrates.

If you come from Neon-Karlovassi, the Votsalakia beach (near Kambos) is a good starting point and is only 30 minutes away by rented car. From Pitagorion or the capital of Samos, the route will take 1-1,5 hours along the olive groves. Further on the road becomes narrow and unpaved, if you are not in an SUV, leave the car in the parking lot and go for a hike.


The hike is off-road and takes you up a steep staircase of 340 steps carved into the rock. On the journey, you can enjoy the surrounding nature and the scenic views from the top. Along the way you can meet kind dogs, grazing goats and horses.

Before the ascent there is a base camp, where you can eat in a cafe and buy souvenirs from the historical site: mountain honey, herbs, teas and unusual products.

To the cave of Pythagoras leads red signs, navigate by them. On the way you will see a small church and two main caves. Legend has it that Pythagoras lived in one of them and taught in the other. From here you have a stunning view of the surroundings, as from a balcony on a mountain. Inside are large stalactites from which, according to legend, healing water flows.

There are other caves nearby, but many of them are closed and not advisable without a guide.


  • Footwear should be comfortable, preferably sneakers or hiking sandals;
  • Take a hat and drinking water with you;
  • It is best to leave early in the morning to avoid the scorching sun;
  • If you are traveling with children, take into account the complexity of the walk and the steep climb.

This trip will appeal to lovers of beautiful nature and hiking in the mountains. Be sure to make photo stops and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and beauty.

What else to do in the surrounding area

Besides exploring the cave you can go rock climbing, as Mount Kerkis is a favorite destination for climbers on Samos Island. Or walk the well-trodden trails, watching birds of prey nesting and flying by. The area is home to rare plant species, some only seen on the island.

At the end of a long walk, it's a good idea to relax on the clean, comfortable beach of Votsalakia. It is the coolest on the island, so you can cool off here after the sweltering heat.

Also check out the town of Marafokambos, which you will pass by. Here you'll find an excellent winery where you can taste and buy a bottle of Samos wine as a souvenir. And Greek restaurants will delight you with their national dishes.