Cesky Krumlov is a small tourist town in the Czech Republic with a population of only 13,000. It is believed that Cesky Krumlov is the best place to get to know the Czech Republic, and many tourists, having rented a car in Prague, first of all go here.

The town is enveloped in the romance of historic buildings and winding streets. Traveling here is ideal for couples in love who want to feel like a fragile princess and a brave knight.

The city is beautiful in the morning, until its center is filled with tourists. In the evening, he is romantic and mysterious. During the day, an idle mood soars here, because the same tourists make noise and life here is in full swing. The historic center combines ancient architecture with a touch of modernity that blend perfectly, and this is a rarity! Cozy streets, paved with cobblestones polished by time, create a unique atmosphere. A fabulous town with cozy houses, each with a unique facade.

The city is dominated by a beautiful medieval castle, the second largest in the Czech Republic. The historical center is small, but there is a place to walk:

  • wander along the bridges across the local Vltava river;
  • climb the tower;
  • visit the wax museum and the amazing open-air theater in the castle park;
  • taste local cuisine and delicious beer.

Shopping and local food in Cesky Krumlov

Compared to Prague, prices in Cesky Krumlov are much lower. Souvenir shops and shops will delight tourists (and their loved ones who are waiting for souvenirs from these places).

Be sure to visit:

  • Kohinoor stationery store with 200 years of authority and history;
  • Turnov jewelry store, where you can buy Czech garnet jewelry;
  • "Mozart", which sells items made of vltavin - a greenish semi-precious stone considered one of the symbols of the Czech Republic;
  • Cosmetic shop "Botanicus" with beer cosmetics.

Lots of different pubs and restaurants for all tastes. Sausages, Hermelin cheese, grilled ribs ...

Natural green beer that can only be tasted in the Czech Republic. There are no dyes in its composition, and the Czechs keep the recipe in strict confidence. Rumor has it that the matter is in the herbal composition, which gives such color and incredible aroma.

On the square, there is an excellent cafe in the basement, to the left of the telephone booth, if you face it.

When is the best time to go

Cesky Krumlov is beautiful at any time of the year. The climate is very mild, so if you manage to come for Christmas, you will find the atmosphere of celebration and fun.

In summer, the historic Five-Petal Rose Festival is held in Krumlov. It is the family symbol of the Rosenberg dynasty, which ruled Krumlov for 300 years.

Ladies, knights, tournaments, fairs and flower carpets can all be found in June-August. If you've been here at a different time of the year, then it's a great excuse to come back and see medieval magic with your own eyes.

Krumlov should be given at least three days or more, but if you wish, all its sights can be explored in one day.

The city attracts with its originality. I want to come back here.