If you're planning to rent a car in Czechia and explore the beautiful neighboring countries, it's essential to know the ins and outs of crossing borders with a rental car. This guide will provide you with all the necessary information to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Countries Allowed for Cross Border Travel with a Czech Rental Car

In general, most rental car companies in Czechia allow you to travel to the following countries:

  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Slovakia
  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia
  • Croatia

However, some rental car agencies may have specific restrictions, so it's essential to check with your chosen company beforehand.

Countries Not Allowed for Cross Border Travel with a Czech Rental Car

Traveling to the following countries with a Czech rental car is typically not allowed or may require additional insurance and permissions:

  • Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Belarus
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • Ukraine

Always check with your rental car company for their specific policies regarding these countries.

Border Crossing Locations

Czechia has numerous border crossings with its neighboring countries. Some of the major border crossings include:

  • Rozvadov-Waidhaus (Czechia-Germany)
  • Mikulov-Drasenhofen (Czechia-Austria)
  • Cunewalde-Jedlová (Czechia-Poland)
  • Bratislava-Berg (Czechia-Slovakia)

Make sure to research the best crossing point for your planned route.

Rules and Documents Required

When crossing borders with a rental car, you should have the following documents ready:

  • A valid passport or ID card
  • A valid driver's license
  • International Driving Permit (if required)
  • Rental agreement and any additional cross-border paperwork
  • Proof of insurance (Green Card)

Always carry these documents with you and be prepared to present them at border checkpoints.

Returning Your Rental Car

Returning your rental car in a different country than where you rented it is generally not permitted. Make sure to plan your trip accordingly and return the car at the agreed-upon location in Czechia.

Tips for Drivers

  • Familiarize yourself with the traffic rules of each country you plan to visit
  • Keep an eye on fuel levels and refill the tank before crossing borders, as fuel prices can vary significantly between countries
  • Be prepared for possible waiting times at border crossings during peak seasons