The Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon are separated by an amazing natural phenomenon - the Curonian Spit. This is a long sandy strip stretching 98 km, connecting Kaliningrad and Lithuania. Its entire territory is a national park, which is divided into two halves. We will consider only the Kaliningrad part.

The Curonian Spit is home to various species of animals and birds, and the landscape consists of picturesque sand dunes. Some places are overgrown with pines and other vegetation.

You can get here by driving from Kaliningrad to Zelenogradsk (distance 35 km - 44 minutes by car). The road is signposted, so do not get lost.

The most convenient way is to travel by rented car. So you can save time and see more interesting sights.

What to see

The first thing to do is to explore the local sights. Here they are mostly natural and very unusual.

  • Rossitten Forest (34 km of the spit on the sea side)

It is a mixed forest, which is home to interesting animals and birds. You can meet: roe deer, fox, wild boar, moose and raccoon dog. Information about animals and birds can be found on the information boards set up.

People come here to walk along the forest paths and study the local flora and fauna. Then go out to the sea beach and taste the delicious food in the cafe. The length of the walk is 2 km.

  • Dancing forest (37 km of the spit, 4 km from the village Rybachy)

It is an unusual pine forest with tree trunks twisted and branching in whimsical shapes. It seems that you are transported into a magical dimension from a fantasy film.

  • Royal Forest (6 km of the spit from the bay)

Remains of the ancient Nerea forest have been preserved here. Many of the trees are more than 300 years old. You will walk along the wooden planking, admiring the beautiful views. There are viewing platforms and pavilions for resting. The whole route takes 2.9 km.

  • Muller height (32 km of the spit, near the village of Rybachy)

The highest part of the Curonian Spit. Panoramic views of the sea and the bay. There are 100-year-old pines and firs growing all around.

  • Lake Chaika (32 km of the spit, near the village of Rybachy)

The largest freshwater reservoir of the reserve. It's interesting with its inhabitants and fishing. You can picnic and enjoy the local scenery.

  • Height of Efa (42 km of the spit, 2 km from the village of Morskoye)

From the top of the dunes you can hear the "singing sands". The peak height reaches 62 meters. Walking on the dunes is prohibited, so as not to disturb the natural phenomenon. Therefore, you can look at all the beauty from the observation decks. From here you can see the moving dunes, forest, sea, bay and cozy cottages of the village.

  • Swan Lake (46 km of the Spit, 2 km on the Lithuanian border)

A picturesque lake surrounded by alder forest. A habitat for rare waterfowl.

What else to do on the Curonian Spit

In addition to hiking trails, admiring the surroundings and exploring the main sights, you can also:

  • relax on the beaches and have a picnic;
  • visit cozy villages with authentic houses;
  • try local dishes made of fresh fish and seafood;
  • buy unusual souvenirs;
  • visit the Fringilla ornithological station.