The Djerdap National Park is 150 km from Belgrade. The most convenient and fastest way to travel is by car. Only 2 hours behind the wheel of a car and you will find yourself in a fairy tale. This picturesque place is located on the border with Romania, along the shore of the Danube River.

Mountainous landscapes, relict plants, the largest gorge in Europe, unique cultural and architectural monuments. All this is gathered in one beautiful place - the Djerdap National Park.


On the banks of the Danube is Golubaca Fortress, whose towers are spread out on the rocks, and one of them stands in the water. Directly under the fortress in the rock is a road, from which there is a passage in the direction of the river. From there you can get out to a small cave and cliffs. The views are incredible.

The area in front of the fortress is perfect for walking: manicured lawns, a dock, parking and fresh air. When you go inside the fortress, it feels like you're in the Middle Ages. Nearby is a museum of local excavations and artifacts.

If you walk along the road, going deeper into the mountains, you can get to the gorge Djerdap, which from the Romanian side is called the Iron Gate. Starting from the fortress and ending in Kladovo, the river turns into a mountain, and its bed narrows to 150 m. It is an incredible feeling to watch the river flow between the steep scenery of rocks. The most beautiful point of the gorge is Big Kazan Canyon, where the cliffs rise above the Danube up to 300 meters.

On the territory of the park are the ruins of the ancient stone bridge of Trajan. It was about a kilometer long and connected the two banks of the river. There is an inscription on the rock, telling the story of the construction of the bridge.

About half way, between the fortress and Trajan's Bridge, there is a lovely town called Donji Milanovac. Here you can have a delicious lunch and a cup of coffee with fresh pastries. Walk around the town with beautiful architecture and beautiful nature around. There is an equipped beach, where in summer you can swim in the Danube.

What else to do in the park

  • Go on a sailing cruise and see the local scenery from the river side.
  • Visit the Neolithic settlement of Lepenski Vir. It is the oldest Stone Age settlement in all of Europe. The oldest dwellings, household items, tools of primitive people and much more can be seen in this most interesting place.
  • Fans of fishing can enjoy great views and a good catch. Here you can catch catfish or pikeperch.
  • Leave your car in the parking lot and take your bike for a ride through the mountain trails, breathing the cleanest air. Here is the most popular bicycle route in Europe.
  • Visit Rajáčké pimnice - an unusual architectural complex of wine cellars of the last century.


  • If you want to see the main attractions, you should come here by car;
  • Allocate a whole day to see the territory, starting from the Golubacka Fortress (from 10 a.m.);
  • Do not pass by the statue in the rock of Louis Decebal. It is on the other side of the Danube on the Romanian side, but it is perfectly visible from the observation deck of the Djerdap Gorge.