Most tourists entering Georgia without their own transport prefer to rent a car. This is the right decision because this country is very versatile. Every district/city has its own unique sights to see and it is difficult to do without a car. It will not be difficult to rent a car, but before driving we advise you to familiarize yourself with a number of driving features in Georgia.

Speed Limit in Georgia

In cities and on the highways there are speed limit road signs and author's guides for monitoring compliance with the rules. Penalty for exceeding the limit is the most common in Georgia. The allowable speed limit is 15 km.

Accepted speed limits:

  • motorways - 90 km/h
  • populated area - 60 km/h
  • highway - 110 km/h

Common violations for which the police will most definitely stop you:

  1. Seat belts. The driver and passenger at the front must be buckled up. Those sitting in the rear seats may buckle up if you wish. A child seat is also not a mandatory attribute.
  2. Talking on your mobile while you are driving.
  3. Crossing a solid line of markings.
  4. Drive through the red traffic light.
  5. Insane condition: alcohol or drug intoxication. Maximum alcohol content in the blood 0.3 ppm.
  6. Thrown garbage from the car window.
  7. How to deal with cops.

Behaviour with police in Georgia

If you've been stopped without getting out of the car, a policeman will come to you. The policeman can ask you for the following documents: driver's license, passport and registration certificate. In case of any violation, you will be issued a fine, which must be paid within 30 days, otherwise it will be doubled. There is no need to offer bribes, it is strict with this in Georgia. If you have committed a minor violation, for example, did not stop before a stop sign, just be polite and you will most likely be released. There are quite dashing drivers in Georgia, who often break the rules. At first it may seem like a wild way of driving and the whole situation on the roads, but just two or three days and you will feel confident and comfortable.