The dream of the famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica has come true and now Serbia has a cultural heritage - Drvengrad. The construction of the ethno-village began during the shooting of the film "Life as a Miracle" and ended with its premiere.

The atmosphere of medieval Serbia with wooden houses made of sleepers, mythical figures, rare cars, neat streets paved with wooden slabs. From any point of the village there is a picturesque view of mountains and nature, because Drvengrad is located in the mountain village of Mokra Gora.

It takes 3.5 hours to get there by car from Belgrade. The scenery around is very beautiful, so the travel time will fly by unnoticed.

What to see in Drvengrad

The village has one main street and several side streets with cafes, restaurants, hotels, a cinema, a library, a gallery, a church and amazing nature. You can visit the underground movie theater in the basement of the Stanley Kubrick building. This is where Kusturica himself and his family live, and several floors are rented to vacationers.

The streets are named after famous, great people. For example: Che Guevara, Federico Fellini, Diego Maradona, Nikita Mikhalkov, etc.

The church is similar in style to the North Russian shrines and for a reason. The main idea of the building was adopted from the Russian canons. If you want to read, you can visit the library on the main street. There are about 10,000 books in Russian and Serbian languages.

It is funny to walk in such a place, it seems that you get on the set of a movie and you are in the main role. Unusual painting of the interiors, lots of stairs, bridges - it looks very soulful and original. Periodically festivals, workshops and performances are held in the village. It is an ideal place for creative people and lovers of nature.

The surroundings of Drvengrad

When you have enjoyed enough of the local atmosphere and views from above, you can go down to the railway station Mokra Gora and take an interesting ride on the Shargan Eight. It is a sheer delight! Vintage locomotives and cars, a road from a movie, tunnels and an ineffable atmosphere. However, the road works only in season, for the winter period it is closed.

If there is time left, be sure to walk through the national park Mokra Gora. Breathe the fresh air, admire the nature, take great pictures and taste the water from the mountain spring.

When is the best time to visit

Nature and the countryside are equally beautiful at any time of year. The only difference is that in the summer a lot of tourists come here from all over the world and the weather is hot. And in winter, it opens the ski resort for fans of skiing on snow.

This place is definitely worth a visit no matter what time of year. Everyone will find a piece of something native and very familiar.