About 5 hours drive from the coast of Montenegro stretches the natural wonder of the world - Durmitor National Park. Its territory is under UNESCO protection and occupies 390 sq. km.

There are excursions by bus, but they are too short to see all the beauty of this region. So it is best to rent a car and spend a whole day here, at least.

Durmitor accommodates a mountain range, Tara Canyon, rivers and lakes, ice caves and relict forests. The park is rich in diverse and rare animals that can be encountered on a walk.

What to do:

  • walk mountain and forest trails and breathe the cleanest air;
  • take a horseback ride and admire the beautiful nature;
  • taste healing water from a high-mountain spring;
  • visit caves with stalactites and stalagmites;
  • visit local villages, which have preserved the atmosphere of past eras;
  • extreme lovers can fly on a paraglider over the Tara River.


The park has not only natural, but also cultural and historical attractions. These include sowardacks - cone-shaped structures with sharp roofs. They used to be inhabited by Montenegrins, but now they are examples of ancient architecture and restaurants, where you can taste the local cuisine and experience the atmosphere of past centuries.

Also worth seeing are fortresses, monasteries and temples, shepherds' houses and alpine mills.

But the main treasure is still a picturesque and unique nature, almost untouched by man. These are 18 glacial lakes, which are called "Mountain Eyes". Their water is clear and almost always cool. The most popular and easily accessible is the Black Lake.

A must-see is the canyon of the Tara River. These are green, forested mountains, and rivers flowing down from them. In the valley you can have a delicious lunch and enjoy the scenic views.

Cave lovers can see a rare phenomenon - the Ice Cave, where all the stalactites and stalagmites are made of ice. The temperature is always kept just below zero and you can observe this beauty all year round.

But the forest paths will open up to you an unusual flora and fauna, and give you a lot of strength and vigor.

If you want to climb the highest road in Montenegro, then head to the Saddle Pass. There are incredible views from every point. Along the way, you can stop by local taverns and check out the old wooden dwellings.

When is the best time to go

Even on the hottest summer day, Durmitor Park reeks of coolness. Come here at any time of year, it is worth it, it is beautiful in its own way and will not leave anyone indifferent. Winter is the perfect time for skiers, and in summer it will be comfortable for a long walk and enjoy the beauty.