The Crimean Peninsula holds a lot of secrets and astonishing natural beauties. One of them is the Dzhur-Dzhur Waterfall, which is hidden in a mountain forest. Fragrant air, murmuring river, wild vegetation and in the distance you can hear the splashing waterfall. This is the perfect trip for lovers of scenic nature and lore. It's worth spending a whole day to enjoy the atmosphere.

To get there by car is significantly easier. Since there is no problem with renting a car in the Crimea, you can easily drive from any city to the natural landmark.

If you're going from Simferopol or Yalta, it'll take you 1 hour. 40 min. (70 km), from Feodosia - 2 h. 30 min. By the way, the most picturesque way lies exactly from here (if you drive along the old highway along the sea).

Guide to the Waterfall

To get to the waterfall by car you need to go to the village of Generalskoe. You will need to leave your car at a free parking lot by a spring and then you can walk to Dzhur-Dzhur. Such walk will take about 40 minutes on a stony road, and then another 20 minutes up the steps to the waterfall.

If you do not want to walk for a long time, you can save time by driving to the wooden steps in UAZ. Usually, such cars are waiting for visitors at the parking lot in Generalskoye. Trip is already considered an adventure, because you have to go with a breeze at a bounce. It turns out a lot of fun.

From the wooden steps begins the most interesting part. You go up through the dense forest where the birds are chirping and you can hear the sounds of water. Along the way there are benches and gazebos where you can rest and eat.

There is another way to get there - by jeep (more expensive). You will be brought to the top point of the waterfall, where you need to go down a little bit.

What to see in the area

The first thing tourists see is the forest and mountains. The view is so mesmerizing that you want to walk here for a long time and admire the peaceful scenery.

There are wooden paths, steps and bridges leading to the waterfall. Along the road there is the river Ulu-Uzen.

The waterfall itself is considered to be the most full-flowing in the Crimea. But its power depends on the season and rain. He quietly flows down three cascades from a height of 15 meters. At the foot you can take great pictures and just relax, enjoying the surrounding atmosphere of tranquility.

If you go higher, the road will lead you to the three bowls. There is a legend that says that bathing in each one in turn, you promise good health, love and an ablution from sins. But you should remember that the water here all year round is cool and even in hot summer does not exceed +10 degrees.

With enough time, you can go higher and reach another attraction - the Dzhur-Dzhur Cave.

The best time to visit

The most ideal time to visit is spring and late winter. At this time there are not very many people, sometimes no one at all. The waterfall is full after the snow and rain, the trees and bushes are in bloom.

In the summer, there are crowds of tourists walking the trails and it can be very hot. Autumn is beautiful in its own way. After the dry sun, the waters are less full, but the picture is not spoiled by this. The riot of colors gives this place an enchanting look.