Faro is the capital of the sunny region of the Algarve. There are spacious beaches, old streets with historic architecture, many restaurants and cafes. You just fall in love with the local culture, natural parks and delicious food. Every tourist will find an interesting entertainment.

Traveling by car in Portugal, be sure to visit this wonderful city. If you drive from the capital Lisbon, the road will take about 3 hours.

Plan a day trip carefully so that you have time to see the best beaches and the main attractions of the city. You can walk around the city on your own or hire a private guide who will introduce you to the most memorable parts of Faro.


Start your exploration of the city with the medieval quarters, which preserve historical and cultural attractions.

The Faro Municipal Museum will show artifacts from the 9th to 13th centuries, marble busts from ancient Roman times, mosaics, works of art and stone inscriptions. The Maritime Museum will tell you about the maritime inhabitants of the region and the history of the development of fisheries.

Be sure to visit the Cathedral, whose tower has been preserved since the 13th century. If you climb up, you can see the city and the coastal area from here. The Carmo Church is a historical monument. It was decorated by the best Portuguese sculptors. Here you will see wooden decorations in gilding, beautiful stained glass windows, mosaics and... a crypt. Yes, yes, inside is the Chapel of Bones, where the bones of the monks are painted on the walls and vault. This was done to remind residents and tourists about the frailty of existence.

Note the walls surrounding the Old City and the Arch of da Vila. The walls were built to defend the city. The arch is decorated with a statue of St. Thomas, a beautiful pediment, and storks nest on top. From the old town you can exit through the Arch of Repús. These structures show the historical past of Faro.

Fifteen minutes from the center is the district of Estoi, part of the Faro district. Here you can see the majestic Estoi Palace. It is interesting with its frescos, stuccowork, spacious terraced gardens and fountain. Its appearance has been restored and today you can not only look, but also become a guest of the current hotel.

For families with children there is the Living Science Center. Inside, you can learn about exhibits about astronomy, tectonic plates, earthquakes, and the energy of the Earth. Children will be allowed to hold a tarantula and a scorpion. There is also a sensory pool with clams and fish. Best of all, complex scientific facts are described in a very easy, playful way.


Faro impresses with its vast coastline and island beaches. Some can only be reached by boat, but this has its advantages. You can find yourself completely alone on the sandy expanse.

Take a delicious lunch from the restaurant and have a romantic break on the shore of one of the beaches. Swim, sunbathe, watch the sunset. Just enjoy yourself after a stroll through the city.

The islands of Ilha da Barreta, Ilha de Faro and Ilha do Farul have nature parks where you can experience the local flora and fauna. Book a tour on an old barge and watch water dogs catch tuna and other fish.

And stroll along the Santa Maria Promenade for views of the islands and the ocean. There are also places to relax and swim.