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Fuel prices in Bulgaria

Navigating Bulgaria's fuel prices is essential for budget-conscious travelers. Here are the approximate prices for different types of fuel in Bulgarian Lev (BGN) and their equivalent in Euros (EUR):

  • 92 gasoline (Euro Regular): 2.20 BGN/liter (1.13 EUR/liter)
  • 95 gasoline (Premium): 2.40 BGN/liter (1.23 EUR/liter)
  • 98 gasoline (Super): 2.60 BGN/liter (1.33 EUR/liter)
  • Diesel (Diesel): 2.35 BGN/liter (1.20 EUR/liter)
  • Gas (LPG): 1.10 BGN/liter (0.56 EUR/liter)

Please note that these prices may vary slightly depending on the location.

Fuel stations in Bulgaria

Fuel stations in Bulgaria are generally easy to find in cities and along major highways. However, if you plan to explore remote areas, such as the Rhodope Mountains or the Strandzha Nature Park, it's essential to plan your refueling stops accordingly, as fuel stations may be scarce in those regions. Most fuel stations operate 24/7, and major credit cards are widely accepted. In addition to fuel, many stations offer convenience stores, restrooms, and even car wash services.

Bulgaria has seen a recent surge in the installation of electric vehicle charging stations, as the country shifts towards greener transportation.

Where locals prefer to fuel in Bulgaria

Bulgarians tend to prefer well-known fuel station chains such as OMV, Shell, and Lukoil due to their reputation for consistent quality and service. These stations are also popular because they often offer loyalty programs and discounts, making it more affordable for frequent users.