Rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and embark on an incredible journey to discover the hidden gems of this Central Asian nation. However, before you hit the road, it's essential to know about fuel prices and the availability of fuel stations in the country.

Fuel prices in Kyrgyzstan

As of April 2023, the average prices for different types of fuel in Kyrgyzstan are as follows (in Kyrgyzstani som and EUR):

  • 92 gasoline: 55 KGS/liter (0.60 EUR/liter)
  • 95 gasoline: 58 KGS/liter (0.63 EUR/liter)
  • 98 gasoline: 62 KGS/liter (0.68 EUR/liter)
  • Diesel: 54 KGS/liter (0.59 EUR/liter)
  • Gas (LPG): 32 KGS/liter (0.35 EUR/liter)

Fuel stations in Kyrgyzstan

Fuel stations are relatively easy to find in cities and towns, such as Bishkek, Osh, and Karakol. However, in remote regions or along less-traveled routes, fuel stations can be scarce. It's always a good idea to fill up your tank in advance when planning a trip to more isolated areas.

Most fuel stations in Kyrgyzstan operate 24/7, and many accept credit and debit cards, although carrying cash (preferably in small denominations) is recommended in case of card acceptance issues. Be prepared for occasional power outages or connectivity problems, which may affect card transactions.

Electric vehicle charging stations in Kyrgyzstan are relatively scarce.

Where locals prefer to fuel in Kyrgyzstan

Locals tend to prefer larger, well-known fuel stations such as Gazprom, Petrol, and Aykol for their reliability, quality of fuel, and additional services like convenience stores, restrooms, and tire inflation. These stations are often found along main highways and in larger cities.

Tips for drivers

  • Always keep an eye on your fuel gauge and fill up when possible, especially before heading into remote areas.
  • Carry cash in small denominations for fuel payments, as card acceptance might be limited.
  • Familiarize yourself with the locations of fuel stations along your planned route using maps or smartphone apps.