Rent a car in Russia to explore the vast and diverse landscape of this fascinating country at your own pace.

Fuel prices in Russia

As of April 2023, fuel prices in Russia are as follows:

  • 92 gasoline: 53 RUB/liter (approx. 0.63 EUR/liter)
  • 95 gasoline: 57 RUB/liter (approx. 0.68 EUR/liter)
  • 98 gasoline: 61 RUB/liter (approx. 0.73 EUR/liter)
  • Diesel: 58 RUB/liter (approx. 0.69 EUR/liter)
  • Gas (LPG): 35 RUB/liter (approx. 0.42 EUR/liter)

Fuel stations in Russia

Fuel stations are abundant in major cities and along main highways, but can be scarce in remote regions such as Siberia and the Far East. Most fuel stations operate 24 hours and accept credit/debit cards. However, it's a good idea to carry cash for smaller or rural stations. Electric and hybrid car charging stations are becoming more common in large cities, but still limited in rural areas.

Where locals prefer to fuel in Russia

Locals typically prefer to use well-known fuel station brands like Gazpromneft, Lukoil, and Rosneft due to their reliability, quality of fuel, and additional services like convenience stores and restrooms.

Tips for drivers

  • Keep your fuel tank at least half full, especially when traveling in remote areas.
  • Carry cash for rural or smaller fuel stations that may not accept cards.
  • Consider using a fuel discount card for savings at certain fuel stations.
  • Avoid refueling at stations with low traffic, as the fuel quality may be compromised.
  • Be mindful of your vehicle's fuel type and only use the recommended fuel.