Renting a car in Turkey is the best way to discover the country's diverse landscapes, rich culture, and historic landmarks. However, before embarking on your journey, it's essential to understand the cost of fuel and the fuel station infrastructure to ensure a smooth and worry-free trip.

Fuel Prices in Turkey

As of April 2023, the fuel prices in Turkey for various types of fuel are as follows (prices may vary slightly depending on the region):

  • 92 gasoline (Euro Regular): 8.50 TRY/L (€0.82/L)
  • 95 gasoline (Premium): 9.00 TRY/L (€0.87/L)
  • 98 gasoline (Super): 9.50 TRY/L (€0.92/L)
  • Diesel (Diesel): 7.50 TRY/L (€0.72/L)
  • Gas (LPG): 4.20 TRY/L (€0.40/L)

Fuel Stations in Turkey

Turkey boasts a well-developed network of fuel stations throughout the country, with major brands like OPET, Petrol Ofisi, BP, and Shell. However, some rural areas, particularly in Eastern Anatolia, may have fewer fuel stations, so plan accordingly. Most fuel stations operate 24/7, and payment is typically accepted through cash or credit cards, including Visa and MasterCard. Some stations also offer additional services such as car washes, tire repair, and convenience stores.

Where Locals Prefer to Fuel in Turkey

Locals in Turkey often prefer to fuel at OPET and Petrol Ofisi stations, mainly due to their widespread presence, competitive pricing, and quality fuel. Additionally, these fuel stations often offer loyalty programs and discounts, making them even more attractive to local drivers.

Tips for Drivers

  • Keep an eye on fuel prices as they may vary between regions and fuel stations.
  • Be prepared for longer distances between fuel stations in rural and remote areas, especially in Eastern Anatolia.
  • Familiarize yourself with traffic rules and regulations in Turkey to ensure a safe driving experience.
  • Keep cash on hand for fuel payments, as not all stations may accept credit cards, especially in remote areas.
  • Monitor your fuel gauge and refuel when needed, as running out of fuel can lead to costly roadside assistance.