The Emirate of Fujairah stands out from its fellow emirates due to its natural surroundings and lack of petroleum industry. It is the youngest of the Emirates, with beautifully preserved historical monuments and ancient architecture. El Fujairah is the capital of the emirate, where the main attractions are concentrated.

From Dubai you can take a rental car to the city via Sharjah Emirate. The travel time is about three hours through the deserted expanses.

It is a uniquely beautiful place, with its own traditions and culture. Because of the mountain springs, flowing into the sea, the emirate is famous for the abundance of green and fertile soil. And the sea waters will delight diving enthusiasts with its inhabitants and coral reef.

What to do:

  • explore the main attractions: museums, palaces and ancient fortresses;
  • buy traditional oriental merchandise in colorful markets;
  • explore the underwater world by diving and snorkeling, relax on the beach; 
  • see rocks and gorges with mineral springs.


From the capital of the city it is most convenient to get to the sights of the emirate.

Fort El Heyl was the residence of the emir in the past, and now it is a huge fortress that has become an archaeological museum in the style of Portuguese architecture. Tourists can explore the interior and the beautiful courtyard with date molasses.

It is possible to visit the open-air nature reserve - Wadi Wuraia. Rocky mountains surround a river valley with unusual flora and fauna. It is home to Arabian leopards and caraculas.

Al Badia Mosque is the oldest structure of the region, a modest and unforgettable place. Sheikh Zayed Mosque attracts visitors with its grandeur and beauty. It is surrounded by a park for walking and recreation.

Unusual for tourists will be Friday market with an abundance of local products, national carpets, clothing made of natural fabrics, crockery and souvenirs.

Local food

Be sure to try the local specialties of Fujairah in the restaurants or cafes. These include a delicious fish on coals, rice pilaf with lamb and spices called guzi, boiled salted fish with spices called samak madruba.

Excellent dessert is lukamat (fried balls of flour in date syrup), um ali (the softest pudding made of bread with nuts and dried fruits, dipped in rose water), and real Arabic coffee.

When is the best time to visit

The ideal time to visit Fujairah is from late fall to mid-spring. In addition to a pleasant climate, this place will surprise you with unusual festivals.

December will please those with a sweet tooth with a festival - the Festival of lollipops. This is an interesting workshop of making, decorating candy and tasting it.

In late January, hold a festival monodrama. Fairy performances, special effects, colorful costumes and makeup will delight its visitors.