2.5 km from the capital of Thira is the village Imerovigli. Tourists from all over the world come here to see its main attractions, the caldera and incredible sunsets.

The location on a high cliff allowed the local population to spot the approaching pirates, which has more than once saved the inhabitants from raids. And in 1956, there was a terrible earthquake that plunged the settlement of Skaros into the sea. Today, the inhabitants number 470. New houses are built, the infrastructure is well developed and Imerovigli welcomes its travelers.

If you are traveling from the airport, the drive will take only 15 minutes. We advise you to get there early in the morning to see Imerovigli and enjoy the beauty. You should leave before dark, because the road here is serpentine, narrow, with tight turns, which may be unsafe in the evening.


The local architecture is one of the attractions of the settlement. The neat white and blue houses are located along the caldera, resembling an amphitheater. From here you have a gorgeous view of the Iya Cape and the Aegean Sea.

Be sure to walk through the small streets to Skaros Rock. It once housed a Venetian castle, but today it remains in the history of the region. You can see its ruins and chapel.

In Imerovigli there are many churches built in classical Greek style. Visit the monastery of St. Nicholas, where there is a wooden iconostasis and an icon of St. Nicholas from the Byzantine era. The Church of Anastasia is loved by romantics and newlyweds. Weddings are often held here. Nearby there is an observation deck where you can take great pictures.

It is also worth seeing the ancient church of Theoskepasti, which literally hangs over an abyss. Blue dome on the background of the sea and the rocks is striking. You can go down to it along a path above the caldera.

What else to do in Imerovigli

In addition to walking around the village and sightseeing there are many cafes and restaurants, stores and souvenir shops. And most importantly, the prices are lower than in the capital and other more famous cities.

From here you can go on a tour of the sea to the volcano and meet the sunset on board the ship. The sun sets into the sea in this part, so an inexpressible experience of this trip and an atmosphere of romance is assured.

Best time to visit

Imerovigli, like the rest of the island of Santorini, can be visited all year round. During the summer months there is a scorching heat and it's a great beach vacation where you can sunbathe, swim and drink refreshing cocktails with ice cream. To explore the area and the main attractions, it is better to choose spring and autumn, while in winter the temperature drops to 15 degrees. At the same time there are strong winds, which can slightly spoil the experience. Although the nature and the atmosphere is still beautiful.