The purest sea, equipped beach, incredible scenery, thermal springs - all this you will find in the resort of Kallithea. It is a very beautiful town with a romantic atmosphere surrounded by cliffs, date palms, pine forests and orange groves. Kallithea is much loved by photographers for its photogenic and tourists for its perfect vacation.

The town of Kallithea is just 15 km from the capital of Rhodes. You can easily travel around the island by renting a car which can be rented in the capital. The road to the city takes 20-30 min, but if you want to visit Kallithea Springs you can get there in 15 min.

What to do in Kallithea

The resort offers beach and sea entertainment to its visitors. Also a must-see is the healing springs of Kallithea Springs.

The beaches of Kallithea are a separate attraction. They are located in small bays, well equipped with everything for a comfortable stay: sun loungers with umbrellas, showers and taverns. Lovers of active recreation can take a ride on catamarans and water skis. A parachute flight will add a little extreme to your life.

It also offers scuba diving with experienced instructors. In Kallithea is the only diving center on the entire island. All because the sea surroundings are not fully explored and therefore protected by the state.

You will meet octopus, local fish, eels and cuttlefish. If you are lucky, you can swim next to dolphins.

Thermal Springs

Kallithea is famous for its healing springs. Thermae were first built by the ancient Romans, who knew about the curative properties of the local waters. According to legends, the gods of Olympus rested there and gained strength.

For a time, hydropathic hospital stopped its work. There have been many restorations, closures and renewals. Today, the doors of the springs are open for recreation. There are also art exhibitions held in the area. In the photos you can see the history of the heyday and what was the spa before.

Near the geothermal spring there is a picturesque park, where you can take beautiful pictures, take a walk and enjoy the scenery. There is its own beach with warm water, wooden bridges and a small waterfall, which creates the effect of a contrast shower.

Festivals in and around Kallithea

If you are lucky enough to vacation on the island from June to September, be sure to visit the local festivals, which are held every year at the same time. Kallithea celebrates its local festival on July 22. On June 14 and July 19 in its vicinity is Faliraki. And the village of Kalitis, which is a 30-minute walk from the town, celebrates festivals on August 28, September 13 and 14.

There will be lots of fun, dancing, rousing national music, songs and delicious food. Such an event best introduces tourists to the traditions of the island of Rhodes.