To continue your road trip on the island of Zakynthos you should go to the picturesque place of Keri village. These are pebbly beaches in the shade of pine trees, with a variety of tavernas and souvenir stores. The nature of the area will amaze you with its beauty and uniqueness, especially if you take a tour to the famous caves of Keri or if you want to take a boat trip there on your own.

The distance from the capital of Zakynthos is only 16 km. You have only 30 minutes to travel by car and enjoy plenty of tranquility and the local scenery.

What to do in Keri village:

  • visit local landmarks;
  • walk through the small streets with old houses;
  • take a boat trip to the Keri Caves;
  • visit fish taverns and taste freshly caught seafood.


The village of Keri is small, but it has a lot for tourists to see and experience the atmosphere of ancient Greece. For example, architecture lovers can admire the Church of Our Lady of Keriotissa, which is adorned by a carved iconostasis and a magnificent bell tower. It was built in 1745 in the Renaissance style.

Then go to the lighthouse, located at the edge of the gorge. Here you can observe the beautiful scenery of white rocks that look like pyramids. This place is especially mesmerizing at sunset, when the sun descends into the Ionian Sea.

A car comes in handy on this trip to have time to see all the most interesting things in a day. So after a walk through the village and the lighthouse, head to Lake Keri. There's a landscape road that leads through olive and pine groves. And don't forget to bring swimsuits to cool off in the refreshing water.

From here, the turtle-shaped island of Marathonisi is clearly visible. It belongs to the Marine Park of Zakynthos and here every year the "carriage turtles" nest. If you wish, you can go here with a tour or rent a boat and explore the island on your own.

Lovers of unusual nature should visit the caves Keri, where the snow-white rocks merge with the blue water to form grottos. You can get here only by water, so a boat also comes in handy. In its beauty the place looks like a paradise, where turtles and fish are swimming along the coral. You can snorkel and enjoy the sea views.

The caves are located in Laganas Bay and are a protected area.

Local food

Local taverns and cafes are famous for their traditional Greek cuisine. Especially the dishes of freshly caught fish and seafood. And the main plus is the picturesque views that open from the tavernas on the shore. Be sure to try the lobster with spaghetti or grilled fish. In addition to seafood, there's excellent rabbit under cheese in tomatoes and beef casserole. Stuffed peppers, tasty salads and airy desserts that are good with Greek coffee.