At 100 km from the capital of Azerbaijan, Baku, there is a place of cosmic beauty - Khizi. This is the land of "caramel" mountains, amazing landscapes and legends. Tourists come here to stroll along the agate relief and visit the pink lake on their way from Baku or on their way back. Mountain ranges surrounded by dense forests and rich history.

Here the traveler will be able to visit Mars and see the ancient architecture. Just 2 hours behind the wheel of a car and you will find yourself in a region that will not leave anyone indifferent.

What to see

Obligatory to visit on the way from Baku to Khizi will be the lake Masazirgel. It is located 20 minutes away from the capital. Its distinctive feature is the pink water. Nature is the best artist, so there is white salt around its edges as if it were a frame. The lake looks especially beautiful from above.

The main reason why tourists from all over the world come to Khizi is the agate mountains. The hills are painted in yellow, green, purple and brown stripes. This phenomenon is possible thanks to a special arrangement of geological rocks. The mountains are covered with a layer of clay with stone. From here you can take away not only unusual photos and vivid emotions, but also the main souvenir of this region - onyx, a kind of agate.

To preserve the unique nature of Khyza, a protected area, the Algy-Agach National Park, was established on the territory. Its territory consists of 90% of dense forests. It is home to rare species of animals and grows many plants. Each year about 200 birds of different species migrate through the reserve. Here the tourist can enjoy the picturesque scenery from the observation deck, walk the forest paths and have lunch at the local cafe located in the forest.

Historical part of the trip

In honor of the Azerbaijani playwright Jafar Jabbarly, a house museum was established in Khizi. Here you can learn about his life and work, see photos, personal and stage belongings. Near the museum there is a park where a monument to the great playwright has been erected.

Also nearby is the memorial museum of Azerbaijani Yesenin - Mikayil Mushfig. His life was short, but he managed to leave a significant mark on the country's literature.

Kitesurfing in Khizi district

Thrill seekers may also find some entertainment for themselves. There is a kitesurfing center in Shurabad village, where tourists can take lessons from experienced instructors and feel the power of Azerbaijani winds. If you are an experienced kitesurfer, you can rent all the necessary equipment and, after enjoying the local beauty, add a little adrenaline to your trip.