In the Crimea, there is a very picturesque town of Koktebel. It is famous for its stunning mountain scenery, sea excursions, winery and creative energy. This place is especially loved by artists and writers.

To get around all the major attractions, you will need a car, a whole day and a good mood.

Koktebel is located near Feodosia, from this city to get the most convenient - no more than 30 minutes. From Simferopol you can reach in 1.5 hours, and from Yalta - for 3 hours along the scenic road along the coast and mountains. There are also other, smoother and newer road. But the best way to experience the Crimean color is the old serpentine road.

What to see

You won't get bored in Koktebel, because it offers tourists a lot of natural and historical sights.

Start your journey around the city with the promenade. An interesting feature is the poetry of a local poet, which are written on the rolettes of trading counters along the sea, fences and some houses. This approach immediately plunges you into the creativity of the local population. There are musicians playing in the street and a sense of freedom of expression.

One of the important attractions will be a house-museum of Voloshin. And near the entrance there are fairs of local artists, where you can buy a painting from the Crimea. They also offer handmade products.

The atmosphere is very inspiring, you want to create something beautiful and try your hand at something new.

Of course, in summer it is important to lie on the beach, sunbathing and swimming in the sea. You can do this on the central promenade or go a little further in search of wild places.

Adults and children will love visiting the Water Park with lots of slides and entertainment. It is also worth visiting Dinoteria, which includes: a zoo, bird park and even dinosaurs.

And the famous winery "Koktebel" can offer a tour of the production, tasting wines and cognacs. You can buy the original products in the store in the center of the town's embankment.

Natural attractions

Koktebel region is rich in amazing mountains and hills. The views here are breathtaking, so be sure to see at least a few of the main beauties.

  • Kara-Dag

This is an ancient extinct volcano from the Jurassic period. This mountain is about 150 million years old. You can take a tour or walk around on your own. Entrance fee is charged, but worth it.

  • Golden Gate

A rocky gate into the sea, honed by the sea wave. It can only be reached by water. People believe that if you swim through them, you will be accompanied by good luck and happiness.

  • Cape Chameleon

From the embankment of Koktebel you can walk to the cape, which changes its color depending on the light and weather. Hence its name - Chameleon. Nearby is a cozy Quiet Bay, where you can not only enjoy the views, but also swim.

Going a little beyond Koktebel it is worth visiting the Starfall of Memories and Mount Klementieva. From here you can enjoy stunning views and regularly hold paraglider raids.