On the outskirts of Antalya there is an amazingly beautiful nature reserve - Köprülü Canyon. It stretches along the mountain river Köprü, which forms 6 more canyons. The place is rich in a variety of flora and fauna, and swimming in the river you can find trout and mullet.

The easiest way to get to the resort of Belek, the distance is 60 km.

Why to visit the Canyon

The territory of the reserve will surprise you with its stunning beauty and developed infrastructure. Everyone, both adults and children will find something to their liking.

What to do:

  • go rafting down the mountain river;
  • ride a horse in the picturesque corners of the reserve;
  • visit the karst cave Altynbeshik Magarashi by boat;
  • visit the ancient city of Selge and admire its surviving ruins;
  • climbing lovers will be able to appreciate the mountain slopes of Köprülü.

Tourists who like active rest will like rafting on inflatable boats. Descent down the river Köprü is divided into several levels of difficulty, depending on the danger of rapids. The easiest and shortest way is suitable even for children accompanied by an adult. The main thing is to prepare equipment in advance.

Lovers of horseback riding will be able to hone their skills on the slopes, and for beginners and children is an instructor. Such a trip will fill you with aesthetic pleasure from the surrounding nature and adrenaline at the same time.

Cave Altynbeshik Magarashi hides a lot of secrets, undiscovered by archaeologists. Tours are conducted by boat, where travelers will sail through tunnels, see underground lakes and huge stalactites.

In the ruins of Selge preserved remnants of gates, walls, colonnades and the ruins of the amphitheater. This place is great after an active holiday, where you can dive into the historical part of the national park Köprülü.

There is another interesting place in the reserve - the bridge Oluk. Once it connected two ancient cities, and today is a historical monument, across which you can cross to the other side of the river.

In addition to the above canyon pleases its visitors by rock climbing, walking through the narrow river valley, beautiful photographs and freshly caught trout in the cafe on the shore.


  • The water in the river is quite cool, so be sure to take a wetsuit for rafting;
  • Prepare a comfortable and practical shoes that do not get wet. Or you will have to buy swimming shoes on the spot;
  • It is not allowed to take cell phones and photo cameras, because they can get wet too. If you want to take pictures, think about this moment in advance;
  • If you have no experience in rafting, then sit in a large boat, the small may overturn;
  • Take water and a snack with you.