In the northwest of Slovenia is the oldest city of Kranj. Its center is steeped in history and beautiful architecture, and the Sava River flows through the city. It is 30 km from the capital, which means you can reach it in half an hour by car.

Whatever time of year you visit, Kranj offers its visitors interesting pastime. Here you can stroll through the old streets, see the cultural attractions, visit cafes with national cuisine and go to the alpine nature. Its picturesque location - at the foot of the Alps, will not leave anyone indifferent.


Among the attractions of the city can be attributed the old part of town. Each street is imbued with national culture and history. Once the old town was surrounded by a fortress, but today there are only 3 towers left.

The main square is considered the heart of Kranj. The appearance is preserved from the 16th-17th centuries. There is a fountain from the 19th century, the Gothic church of St. Kancian (15th century) and a bronze statue in honor of the Slovenian poet Franz Prešerna. Nearby there is a museum where the poet used to live.

There is a Renaissance town hall from the 16th century. On the first floor you can visit the gallery and museum. In the city also preserved the old Church of Our Lady.

Tourists enjoy the underground tunnels that hid the citizens in wartime. Today tours are conducted there. Some of the corridors are used for exhibitions, for example, minerals and fossils.

But the main decoration of the city is the surrounding nature. Kranj is surrounded on almost all sides by majestic mountains. Near the city center is a picturesque canyon of the river Kokra. You can walk here and walk along the bubbling water, enjoy nature, visit the observation deck, where you can see the canyon with the local waterfall.

Kranj perfectly combines ancient architecture and natural beauty. It is worth a visit if only for that reason.

Local food

When walking around the city be sure to stop by a cafe or restaurant. Surely the streets will lure you in with delicious aromas and for good reason. They offer very tasty national dishes and not only. You can also try Italian and Austrian food.

Be sure to try:

crispy, fresh bread; kranjska sausage; soup - gobava juha (made of white mushrooms); jota - bean soup; gnocchi - potato dumplings; prsut (dried or smoked pork ham); strukli (Slovenian dumplings with different fillings, from meat to sweet).

For dessert, you should order:

potića, a yeasty nut roll with poppy seeds and honey; gibanica, a multi-layered pie filled with poppy seeds, apples, cottage cheese, raisins and nuts.

It is customary to wash it down with herbal tea or decoction, coffee, and hot chocolate. There are drinks made of sweet syrups (such as raspberries or elderberries). From the unusual - "sour mole" (sour milk drink made from alpine milk).