The small and cozy town of Kutna Hora is situated 60 km from Prague. It is one of the most important silver mining centers in Europe. Once there was a silver rush here, after which the town was called "the treasury of the country". Its wealth helped the development of the Czech kingdom.

Ancient streets and squares, compact stores, a string of coffeeshops and taverns - everything disposes to a good rest and historical acquaintance with the city.

After the capital of the Czech Republic with its throngs of tourists, Kutna Hora might seem a somewhat lifeless and provincial place. Here you can take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. A city of ancient architecture and unusual sights.


All tourist itineraries start with the cathedral of St. Barbara. Both inside and outside, the temple is quite original, but typical of Catholic culture.

The tour guide will tell about the life of the miners who mined silver. Of course, this was reflected in the decoration of the cathedral. Inside, along with sacred characters, there are figures of workers and scenes from their lives. It is said that the cathedral was built by miners who prayed to St. Barbara for salvation when there was a mine collapse. Their figures adorn the columns of the temple.

There is an organ in the temple, but you have to choose a time in advance to hear it. The interior decoration is very beautiful with many stained glass windows, wood and stone carvings.

Next, you should go to the mint. Once there was a fortified castle, behind the walls of which the silver stock was kept and the best coin in Europe - the Prague Groschen was minted. The best Italian masters did it, and that is where the name Vlašský Mint comes from.

As legend said, if you sit on the bench inside the courtyard, make a wish and throw a coin over your shoulder and it falls into the bowl, it will certainly come true.

The key and most unusual place, where people come from all over the world, is considered the third attraction - Kostnitsa. This is a small temple in a semi-basement, rather bright room. Its entire interior consists of human bones. The walls, columns, candlesticks, church utensils and a large chandelier. It looks very original and a little creepy.

Many people do not dare to visit this excursion, but if you find yourself in Kutna Hora, then such a spectacle is worth seeing at least once in your life.

When is the best time to visit the city

Like any historical town, Kutna Hora awaits tourists at any time of year. In spring the place blossoms with nature and against the background of unusual architecture, everything looks very beautiful.

In summer it is warm and you can take long walks through the old streets, admire the parks, drink delicious coffee on the veranda of the cafe and not hurry anywhere.

But for lovers of more deserted cities, without the crowds and noise, autumn and winter will reveal a city from a completely different perspective. Even bones polished to a shine begin to associate with hibernating nature.