The lake is located at an altitude of 1898 meters and is Armenia's main lake, Lake Sevan, which replaces the sea for the locals. Although the water there is cold, people manage to swim in it in summer months, when the water gets up to 18-20 degrees (July-August).

It takes 1 hour (65 km) to get from Yerevan by rented car. The road is very good, so it is accessible year round.

What to do on the lake: 

  • enjoy the lake and its picturesque surroundings;
  • visit the main cultural sights; 
  • fly with a paraglider and see the lake from the bird's-eye view; 
  • take a speedboat ride on the water.


People come to Lake Sevan to admire the picturesque landscapes and cultural monuments. The lake has nature reserves and sanctuaries. It is an important center of the gull population. You can also see American swan, black-headed grouse and piskulka.

The main attraction of the lake is the functioning Sevanavank Monastery. It is a cultural heritage of UNESCO, which was built by hermit monks at the end of the 8th century. The monastic complex is divided into 2 restored temples: Surb-Arakelots and Surb-Karapet. From here you have a beautiful view of Sevan and benches where you can relax.

Next, visit Ayvarank monastery. It is not as big and famous as Sevanavank but still worth seeing. It is a modest shrine on a hill. Next to the temple there are ancient cross-stones. There are not many tourists here, so there is an opportunity to be alone with yourself and the surrounding nature.

Another significant place is the cemetery of khachkars in Noratus. The cross-stones are a symbol of the skill of sculptors and stone carvers in Armenia. Various patterns and crosses were carved on the stone slab. Noratus has become an open-air museum with over 800 cross-stones.

Be sure to visit the town of Sevan. It has a pier, a beach for recreation, cafes and hotels. You can visit a museum, a botanical garden and a beautiful temple. And the main attraction of the city is its people. Very friendly, hospitable and sociable people who will tell you many interesting stories and give you the most unforgettable emotions.

Local food

Along the shores of the lake are many restaurants and cafes. Most of the dishes offered are fresh fish (trout and whitefish) and crayfish in different variations. Very tasty shish kebab made of whitefish in the restaurant Semoyi Mot. You can also try crab kebab and meat kebab. The main dishes are served with vegetables and pita bread.

Shopping at the lake

In the tourist part of Lake Sevan you can find a classic set of Armenian souvenirs: mascot dolls, wooden vases, jewelry and cognac. You can also buy homemade cheese, honey, dried fruits, wine and cheap fruit.