At 30 km from the town of Qusar is an amazingly beautiful village Laza. If you come from Baku the trip will take about 3.5 hours (224 km). There are no buses, so you should hitch a ride or rent a car to get here. The second option is preferable, so you'll get there quicker and you can enjoy the local scenery.

The village of Laza is surrounded by steep cliffs, about 1500 meters above sea level. Most of its population is Lezgin and the number of inhabitants is about 130 people. The main occupation of the inhabitants is housekeeping, poultry and cattle breeding.

Tourists come here to get acquainted with the traditions of highland population, to enjoy the purest air and nature.


The main reason for the influx of tourists is the mountain beauty, cascading waterfalls and ancient buildings.

In the center of the village there is an ancient mosque, which is more than 300 years old and "Pir Hajji Seid Baba". Pir used to be located in the center, but later it was relocated to the outskirts, in a rock wall. These buildings have no architectural and cultural value, but they are very revered by the locals and tourists try not to pass them by.

The most visited places are the waterfalls. They amaze you with their fullness and beauty in summer, and in winter they attract climbers and mountaineers of the country to ice climbing tournaments.

Locals arrange interesting hiking routes for visitors to the area and can offer horseback rides through the mountains.

Local food

The locals are very friendly and happy to treat visitors to the traditional Lezgin bread "khiran fu". It is made in a special oven, which is in every house. On the rolled out flatbread they draw a pattern with a goose feather and send it into the oven. You can also try the dish "aluga," which is similar to pizza. A mixture of cottage cheese and egg and herbs is spread on warm, fresh bread and baked. Another traditional Lezgin dish is the tskan meat pie.

Be sure to buy the mountain honey from the locals. It is considered one of the best in the country, because it is collected in an ecologically clean mountain area.

When is better to visit Laza

The nature of the settlement is amazing at any time of the year. However, the tourist season starts from spring to mid- autumn. Travelers enjoy the local beauty and scents of flowers. In winter it is difficult to get here because of icy and snow- covered roads. At the same time, extreme lovers manage to come here and see the ice waterfalls, on which the climbing tournaments are staged. Such a spectacle is available only in winter.