If you vacation in Cyprus, we suggest visiting the tourist village Lefkara. It is a 40-minute drive from Larnaca and an hour from Nicosia. It is located at the foot of the mountain system.

The village has become known for the art of crafts "Lefkaritiko" and silver craftsmanship, which went far beyond the country.

There are cozy taverns along the narrow stone streets, viewing platforms with picturesque panorama, ancient churches and ancient Cypriot architecture. Flower gardens adorn almost every doorway.

There's almost no crime here. People leave their cars open, the doors of the houses hospitably inviting visitors.

Things to do:

  • walk or bike through beautiful places;
  • admire the mountains and nature;
  • dine in a traditional tavern on the main street or in the stone mazes;
  • taste homemade cookies and drink delicious coffee;
  • explore the local architecture and landmarks.

Main landmarks

Your acquaintance with the village should begin with a walk through the stone alleys. This is the name given to the streets with houses that are built of white limestone, alternating with stone. Tourists come here to admire the local architecture.

Walking through the narrow streets you can come to the Temple of the Holy Cross. Pray for the centuries a place that has seen thousands of people. The cathedral has withstood the Ottoman oppression and preserved its faith.

There is an excellent observation deck next to the temple, which offers a view of the Lefkari Valley and the lower part of the village.


A must-visit is the Lefkar embroidery store. A family business that goes deep back in time. The descendants of the ancient craftsmen now work there. The products are made of linen cloth with special patterns. The technique has been passed down from generation to generation. Unfortunately, the "craftsmen" of the village are getting old and this craft may disappear with their last carriers. Therefore, it is worth buying a quality, valuable product from its birthplace.

Silver stores. Local jewelers have a unique technique of weaving silver threads. Earrings, bracelets, rings for every taste for connoisseurs of fine jewelry. You can also buy the family utensils, which will become a relic in your home.

Is it worth to come to the village Lefkara? Yes! This place has not left anyone indifferent. Here everything is very honest. People love their country and are not trying to remake something to please the tourists, and harmoniously put the old in its natural form. They do what they love and just enjoy life.