On Kao Yai, Samui's highest mountain point, is an unusual place, the Magical Buddha Garden (other names: Secret, Magical, Heavenly Garden). For 15 years, farmer Nim Thongsuk and his helpers created carved stone figures: people, deities, birds and animals. At the age of 91, he completed the decoration of the garden. The farmer wanted to create a paradise for rest and harmony. Now tourists vacationing in Samui, can see with their own eyes, what human labor and perseverance is capable of.

Now the statues are overgrown with moss, thus connecting with nature. This gives an even more magical atmosphere to the garden.

To get here you will need a car, as the place is located in the heart of the island. If you're coming from the area of Chaweng it will take you about 45 minutes. From the beach Lipa Noi - 15 minutes. Be sure to pay attention to the signs so you don't get lost.

Things to do at the Magic Garden

This is an ideal place for quiet walks and photo shoots. It is interesting to explore every corner, every figure. There is a small waterfall and a mountain river on the grounds, giving a refreshing touch on a hot day. The garden is surrounded by tropical greenery, palm trees and fruit trees.

You won't see any historical monuments or ancient architecture on the grounds. People come here to enjoy the tropical climate, meditate, get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, drive along mountainous, winding roads, listen to the sounds of nature and look at mysterious figures buried in the greenery.

The Heavenly Buddha Garden will help you relax and recharge with positive energy. Some people can see the park in just 15 minutes, but for some people even a few hours will not be enough.

If you go a little higher, you can get to the durian plantation. It is interesting to see how this fruit grows. You also get great photos here.


  • Come here early in the morning or late in the evening when there are not too many tourists. Take a cover or cap to cover your eyes so you can enjoy the atmosphere and take great photos;
  • Take closed clothes, comfortable footwear, and mosquito repellent;
  • Do not walk on the rocks in the river, they are very slippery.

What else to visit nearby

After an atmospheric walk, you can stop by The Mountain Grand View Restaurant, which is a 10-minute walk from the Secret Garden. There's a lounge area with a pool and a garden with different shapes that kids will love. Best of all, there's a view of the surrounding area from up high. Here you can order classic Thai dishes and enjoy the scenery.