When traveling to Georgia, it is important to stay connected and share your experiences with loved ones. Georgia offers excellent connectivity and mobile communication services, even in remote mountainous areas. This comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to stay connected during your visit to Georgia.

How to Get Connected

To stay connected in Georgia, it is recommended that you purchase a local SIM card from one of the country's three mobile network operators: GeoCell, Beeline, or Magti. Buying a local SIM card is more cost-effective than using roaming services. All three operators provide their own packages, tariffs, and options, so it is essential to choose the most suitable one based on your needs. You can purchase SIM cards directly from the Tbilisi airport or any of the operator's offices with only a passport required. The balance can be topped up at terminals available in all major cities or through their respective websites.

Internet Services

Most hotels, cafes, and restaurants offer free WiFi, and there is a public network called "Tbilisi Loves You" available in the center of the city. While the internet is already included in most mobile communication packages, it is typically limited to 1.5-3 gigabytes. If you need more data, additional volume can be purchased for a fee.

Mobile Operators and Tariffs

GeoCell is the most popular network operator in Georgia, with coverage available even in remote mountainous regions. You can purchase a SIM card at the company's office in most major cities, including Tbilisi and Batumi airports. GeoCell has a special tourist package called "All Inclusive," which offers 30 minutes of calls to international destinations, unlimited domestic calls and SMS, and 3 GB of mobile internet for only GEL 20 ($6-7). The package is valid for 15 days. Other internet packages include 3 GB for GEL 9 ($3), 5 GB for GEL 12 ($4), 8 GB for GEL 15 ($5), and 20 GB for GEL 30 (~$10).

Magti is another popular mobile operator in Georgia, with coverage available even in the most remote regions. You can purchase a SIM card at major cities or at Tbilisi and Kutaisi airports. Magti has two travel packages called "Welcome to Georgia!" The first package offers 5 GB of internet and free SMS/MMS within the country for GEL 15 ($5), and the second package offers 3 GB of internet, free domestic SMS/MMS/calls, and 30 international minutes for GEL 30 ($10). Both packages are valid for 15 days. Other internet packages include 1 GB for GEL 5 ($2), 3 GB for GEL 9 ($3), 5 GB for GEL 12 ($4), and 20 GB for GEL 30 ($10).

Beeline offers coverage only in large cities, so it is not recommended for those planning to travel outside urban areas. The "Tourist" package costs GEL 20 ($6-7) and includes free domestic calls and SMS, 50 international minutes, and 2 GB internet. Other internet packages include 9 GB for 7 days for GEL 3 ($1), 1.5 GB for 14 days for GEL 3 ($1), 4 GB for 14 days for GEL 6 ($2), 10 GB for 14 days for GEL 10 ($3), and 30 GB for 14 days for GEL 15 ($5).

It is essential to note that the mobile internet is usually activated separately from the SIM card, so it is crucial to activate the internet package upon purchasing the SIM card to avoid high data usage fees. To configure the mobile internet in Georgia, the phone's APN value must be set to the parameter specified in the SIM card's instructions. To recharge your phone balance, payboxes are the easiest method, which can be found throughout Tbilisi, Batumi, and Kutaisi at stores, cafes, and near transport stops.

Overall, staying connected in Georgia is easy and affordable. Tourists can purchase local SIM cards from any of the three major mobile network operators and select from a range of packages to suit their needs. With excellent mobile internet coverage and widespread Wi-Fi availability, staying connected while exploring this beautiful country is a breeze.