When travelling, or on a business trip to another country, it is important to stay in touch. When planning a trip to Georgia, do not worry about it, the quality of Internet coverage and mobile communications is decent here. Even in remote mountainous areas catch a good 3G signal and there is a network. Dare to rent a car in Georgia and on the way!

Mobile network operators

It is better to immediately buy a local SIM card in Georgia and use roaming will be much more expensive. There are three operators of your choice: GeoCell, Beeline and Magti. Each operator provides its own packages, tariffs and options. All you have to do is choose the most suitable one. You can buy the sim cards directly from the Tbilisi airport or from the operators' offices, you only need a passport to buy them. You can replenish your balance at terminals; they are available in all major cities, on the website or at the office of the selected operator. The services can be purchased for a short period of time, for example 1-2 weeks, or for a whole month.


WiFi is freely available in many hotels, restaurants, cafes and public parks. There is a public network "Tbilisi loves you" in the center of Tbilisi, to which anyone can connect. The connection speed is not high everywhere, but it is possible to enter the social network, check your mail and use messengers without problems. In the majority of tariffs of mobile communication the Internet is already switched on, but usually it is 1,5 - 3 gigabytes. If you have enough minutes of the selected package, and the Internet is not enough, you can connect an additional volume for a fee.

A little more useful information:

  • Communication prices range from GEL 4 to 30, the average price for a good two-week tariff is GEL 25.
  • The most popular operator is GeoCell (750 MB - 4 GEL, 1.5 GB - 6 GEL, 3GB - 9 GEL, 5 GB - 12 GEL, 8 GB - 15 GEL and 20GB - GEL) in the second place is Beeline and then Magti.
  • Beeline has only 2G and 4G coverage, if your phone supports only 3G, you should choose another one.
  • The Georgian code is +995, and all Georgian numbers start with 5.

When planning a trip to Georgia, you don't have to worry about communication and internet. Immediately upon arrival, buy a suitable SIM card and relax with a calm soul.