Those wishing to diversify their beach vacation on Kos can go to the picturesque valley of Mount Dikeos. It is the highest point of the island, which attracts tourists with its views, the surrounding nature and the cozy village nearby.

By renting a car from the capital it takes 30 minutes. You will reach the small village of Zia, leave your car in the parking lot and go to conquer the mountain peak.

You can also enter from the other side by visiting the ghost town of Paleo Pili. This road will take 25 minutes. In this article, we will describe two routes that can be combined to make an amazing journey if you wish.

Guide from Zia Village

On the slopes of Mount Dikeos, hidden in the dense greenery, is the cozy village of Zia. Be sure to visit it when planning your climb to the top of the mountain. It's also a good place to relax and watch the sunset after a long walk through Diqueos. The verandas of local restaurants offer picturesque views of the island and the sea.

Don't pass by the stores and souvenir shops. Here you can buy real honey, olive oil, tomato jam and sweet jams. Local artisans will offer you products made of wood and ceramics.

The village has a zoo with pet peacocks. You can meet turtles, rabbits and deer that will gladly take food from your hand.

The walk will start at the cypress and eucalyptus grove. The air here is particularly clean and healing. Between the trees you can find hammocks, on which it is convenient to relax and admire the passing clouds.

It will take you from 1 to 2 hours to get to the top. The ascent is not very difficult, the beginning of the route is marked and further up the path there will be marks not to get lost. The view from the top of Dikeos is amazingly beautiful, the trip is worth it. And the photos are great.

Paleo Pili Guide

In the center of Diqueos is the abandoned town of Paleo Pili, also called the "ghost town". Here are the remains of a castle and defensive walls that were built during the Trojan War. This place is shrouded in legends and stories. There is also an ancient Greek tomb with 12 underground vaults, above which stands the temple of Stavros.

Near Paleo Pili there is a church of the Apparition of Christ, which the locals are proud of. Here there is also a medicinal spring.

You can reach this place from Pilion or from Zia. The tour will take you all day long and will leave good impressions.


  • Comfortable, closed shoes are necessary for the climb, because the ascent is rocky;
  • Be sure to take drinking water;
  • The best time to go up the mountain: autumn and spring. In summer it is quite hot, although most of the road is shaded by trees. It is best to arrive early in the morning to have time to see the most interesting things.