The majestic Mount Olympus is a must-see when traveling in Greece. It is the haven of the ancient gods with three mountain peaks, many hiking trails, gorges, valleys and colorful villages.

Olympus is near the Aegean Sea, in the region of Thessaly. It is convenient to get here from Thessaloniki - only 1.5 hours by car. Or, if you vacation on the coast. From Athens it takes on average 5 hours.

Mount Olympus is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a National Natural Reserve. You will be surprised by the mighty views of the mountain ranges, the animal inhabitants and the cozy villages that are located in picturesque valleys and on the mountain itself.

Guide to Olympus

At the foot of the mountain range is the colorful village of Litochoro. From here all the tourist excursions start. This hospitable, picturesque village surprises its visitors with a central square, gourmet food, national architecture and cobblestone streets.

The next point is Mili, where the 9 km route begins. This is how you can get to the Enipei River Gorge, which is striking in its natural beauty. You will walk along the wooden bridges, through a dense forest, a monastery and a cave, you can swim in the lake and take cool pictures at the waterfall.

You can drive to Prionia, where the trail extends to the mountain refuge at an altitude of 2650 m. Or you can choose a more difficult route and go down the canyon of the Orlias River. The bubbling waters, 10 waterfalls, gliding on the water and landscape gorge will not leave even the experienced hikers indifferent. The rush of energy and adrenaline is guaranteed.

If there is no desire to go down, but you want to see, you can take a hike to the bottom of the waterfall. The route is suitable even for children. You should walk 1.5 km from Litochoro to the reserve and then about 2-3 km to the waterfall. The path is very beautiful with a view of Mount Olympus.

In addition to the hiking trails, there are routes for cyclists. The lower reaches of Mount Olympus and the asphalt road along the settlements are good. Lookout points and cozy resting places, mountain, forest and sea views, healing springs await you.

What else to see

If you have time left, be sure to check out the mountain settlements. Paleos Panteleimonas will enchant tourists with its mountain beauty and identity. The view taverns, neat houses, the square with the church and the enchanting nature.

In the village of Paleo Pori you will walk through the narrow streets that lead to the Byzantine church, enjoy the fresh mountain air and mountain streams. Ano Cattle is ancient stone houses, lush greenery, churches and a square. The village is now deserted, but it is worth a visit to experience the atmosphere of past centuries.