If you travel in Kefalonia in a rental car, you should visit the gorgeous beach of Myrtos. It is the pearl of the island. Very often pictures of the azure coast can be found on the cover of magazines or on various websites. Rocks in the shape of a crescent surrounded by snow-white fine pebbles and azure, clean sea. This beach has been awarded the Blue Flag.

From the capital of Argostolion it takes only 40 minutes. Here you can enjoy paradise, take beautiful pictures, have a good meal in a cafe and swim in the warm sea. But this place is not suitable for recreation with small children, as there are strong currents and sharp differences in depth. Also, the road to the beach is serpentine and narrow in some places, so be careful.

What to do at Myrtos beach

From the road there is a breathtaking view of the coastline. Therefore, from above you can start admiring and photographing the local beauty. The white rocks in the lush greenery are breathtaking in their power.

In Myrtos you can rent beds under umbrellas, relax and sunbathe. Drink a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail or freshly squeezed juice, eat juicy fruit with ice cream.

The beach is spacious enough, so fans of ball games will be able to play well. Badminton is also suitable. Of the extreme entertainment offer paragliding flights. This is a great idea, because from above the beach looks even more picturesque.

At the end of the beach there is an exit to the water through a cave. It is very beautiful, but be careful, rocks can fall from the top.


  • On the road to the beach be careful, mountain goats jump out on it;
  • Because of its great popularity, the beach is visited by many people, so it is best to arrive by 8 am. There will be an opportunity to enjoy your vacation with a small number of neighbors;
  • During the waves, Myrtos can be treacherous, so if you do come here with children, do not leave them unattended. The reverse flow of the waves can be pulled into the sea to the depths. Under such conditions, it is better to choose a quiet rest on the shore;
  • Try to stay until sunset. The water becomes inexpressible color and the atmosphere of romance is ensured.

The best time to visit

The resort season begins in May until mid-autumn. At this time the sea is warm enough for comfortable bathing. July and August are considered the hottest, so it's better to come for half a day or in the evening.

The rest of the time it is very beautiful and you can just come and admire the surroundings. In winter, the sea is very special and strikes with its indomitability due to the strong winds.