The waterfalls of Samui show the island from its wild, pristine side in the best possible way. Surrounded by jungle, Namuang Falls attracts tourists from all parts of the island for its beauty and uniqueness, and is the most visited place. In Thai, "Namuang" translates to "purple" because of the purple color of the water flowing over the stones.

A rental car is very convenient to get to the natural landmark from any part of the island. Admission to the waterfalls is free, but you will have to pay for parking at the entrance. In addition to the scenic surroundings, the traveler can visit a safari park and ride elephants.

Waterfalls Guide

  • Namuang 1

The first place to visit is Namuang 1 The falls fall from a height of 18 meters and form a bowl for swimming at the bottom. The locals call it the "royal waterfall" as it is often visited by descendants of the royal family.

It is located below the "big brother" Namuang 2 It is a great place to swim from the road and warm up before climbing to the top.

Of course, you can skip this waterfall and go straight to 2 by car, but the journey will be more complete if you go from start to finish through the jungle and steep climbs.

  • Namuang 2

A favorite destination for all tourists. The waterfall has several rapids and flows down the rocks from a height of 80 meters. To get here will have to climb up about 20 minutes. The ascent is not dangerous, equipped with stone steps and ropes to hold on. But be careful, the road can be slippery.

Namuang 2 forms several fonts where you can cool off after the exhausting heat. There are a lot of tourists here, if you want privacy and admire the scenery without the crowds, you can go even higher. On the way you will meet a few more waterfalls and a picturesque view from the mountain to the dense jungle.

What else to do

In between the two waterfalls there is a safari park with elephant, monkey, and crocodile shows, as well as elephant rides. This entertainment is very pleasant for tourists with children.

The park also offers professional photos with animals and participation in the bathing of elephants.

Throughout the park there are many cafes and souvenir stores. So in between hiking, you can have a delicious lunch and buy something interesting. For example, locals advise buying homemade durian jam, which is sold in souvenir shops.

When it is better to visit

To see the waterfalls as full as possible, this place is best visited from November to March, when the rainy season passes. Beginning in late March, the dry season begins and Namuang dries up.