The calling card of the island of Zakynthos is the azure bay of Navajo with the purest white beach. "Navayo" translates from Greek as shipwreck. The fact is that in the 20th century, a smuggling ship ran aground here, which took refuge in the bay from the Greek police. The bandits escaped, and the ship remained to adorn the beach.

By renting a car you can drive to the observation deck, which offers an incredible view of the bay. White sand, surrounded by rocks in the greenery and unreal bright blue water - such landscapes are worth seeing the place from above. If you want, you can take a tour boat and swim to the beach, swim in the sea, take beautiful pictures. But you can also do with the observation deck.

When is the best time to come to Navajo

To enjoy the beauty of the bay and take great photos, you should come here early in the morning or evening. Due to the fact that Navajo is added to all tours of the island, after 10 o'clock a lot of buses come to the observation deck and the beauty is lost in the crowd of tourists.

Travelers usually come here from May through October.

Why to come here

There are three reasons to come to Navajo:

  • to see the most beautiful beach in Greece and walk the rocky paths;
  • to take part in extreme sports;
  • to swim in the clear water and enjoy your stay on the beach.

In addition to quiet walking and photography, they offer an extreme activity - basejumping. This is a jump from a height over the bay with a parachute. Adrenaline lovers will definitely appreciate this kind of sport in such a picturesque place.

Tip: The water in the bay is always cooler than in the rest of the beach part of the island. And there are a lot of tourists on the beach. This place looks much more interesting from above, so it is quite possible to limit the trip to the observation deck, if you do not have a lot of time.

Of course, there is another way to get down to Navajo Beach, which is a steep staircase near the observation deck. But the descent can be dangerous and it is better not to risk it.

If you deviate from the tourist route, where the tour buses usually bring, and walk along winding paths through the grass and bushes, you can see the bay from a completely different perspective. You'll be pleasantly surprised by the local nature and scenery that opens up from any point on the rocky peaks.


  • Be sure to bring water and a snack, because there are no taverns and cafes in the area;
  • Wear comfortable shoes, in which it will be safe to walk on the trails;
  • Take protective cream and a panama hat with you, the sun is quite scalding;
  • The best option to get here is a rented car. Only in this case you will not be limited in time, arrive at any convenient hour, take cool photos and go to see other attractions nearby.