The pearl of Bulgarian architecture, the oldest settlement on the Black Sea coast, the city of 40 churches - all this is about the cozy Nessebar. You can spend hours wandering through its intricate streets, looking through the ancient temples and museums. The city is very interesting and it's better to stay here for several days, but if you don't have a lot of time, you can make it in one. But it's a must-see.

The population is 10,000 people, but during the holiday season the number increases several times. If you travel around Bulgaria by rented car, which is the most interesting option, the way from Sofia is not close - about 4 hours. The most convenient ways to get there are from Burgas - 30-40 minutes or Varna - 1.5 hours.

What to do in the town:

  • sunbathe on spacious beaches;
  • swim in the sea and snorkel;
  • see an underwater city;
  • walk through cozy, blooming streets;
  • visit local restaurants and try coastal dishes;
  • see the main sights of the city;
  • go to the biggest water park in Bulgaria - Aqua Paradise.


There are more than 40 churches in the city, though there used to be even more. The main part is well preserved and you can look at them yourself, some are in ruins and the rest have remained underground, not excavated. The churches are low and compact, with interesting architecture.

Do not miss the Amphitheater. It offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area and the sea. In the evenings there are often concerts and festivals.

You can see the archeological excavations, everyday life, culture and history in the museums of archeology and ethnography. See the Byzantine Baths, which were visited by the Emperor Constantine. The Turkish baths and fountain remain from Turkish rule in the city. But this place is not very remarkable, so if you do not know what to look for, you can just pass by.

Nessebar is famous for its spacious, well-kept beaches. They are in the old and new part of the city. They are differed by the fact that in the New Town they are sandy, and in the Old they are dotted with small barnacles.

Aqua Paradise

In the largest water park in Bulgaria will be interesting for both adults and children. There are over 60 attractions and 38 steep slides. You will be able to relax well and feel a share of adrenaline. Swimming pools, rivers, green oasis, huge towers and delicious restaurants will delight your visitors.

Local food

There are cozy restaurants, cafes and establishments with home cooking at every step in the city. Portions are quite large and delicious. Be sure to try the national cold soup with vegetables and yogurt (tarator), cheese pie (Banitsa) and baked vegetables with meat (Musaka).

When to visit Nessebar

The climate is close to the Mediterranean, so the holiday season starts from May to October. In July and August it's the hottest, the water is very warm and it's the best time for a beach vacation. The rest of the time it is good to explore the local attractions, walk and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere.