22 kilometers from the capital of Corfu (30-40 minutes driving) lies the cozy beach of Nissaki. Azure sea, pebbly shoreline, ideal for family vacations. Here you can relax in the picturesque bays, explore the underwater world and go on a mountain hike.

This place is especially loved by couples because of the shallow water and the absence of waves (you can not worry about children). Romantics can be secluded in small bays, and connoisseurs of nature to enjoy the local scenery.


Nissaki's main beach is well equipped for a comfortable holiday. You can rent sun beds, go snorkeling or scuba diving, sit at the beachfront tavern and enjoy the delicious, seasonal cuisine.

Take a boat tour and go scuba diving in the open sea. With experienced instructors, this adventure is suitable even for children. The underwater world is rich with sea stars and urchins, crabs, and rare, unusual fish. And the landscape will surprise you with its caves, grottos and tunnels.

The remaining bays are mostly wild, without amenities, but attracting natural beauty and caves in the rocks.

Mount Pantokrator

Near Nissaki is the main natural attraction of the northeast of Corfu, Mount Pantokrator. You can reach it by car and thus dilute a beach holiday.

From its summit you have an incredible view of the island, the sea and neighboring Albania. There is a cafe on the mountain, so you can have a tasty snack and relax in a special recreation area. There is also a monastery and a TV tower on the mountain.

Climbers like to conquer the summit of Pantokrator on their own, but you will have to spend 2 to 3 hours on it. There are many well-trodden paths and if you want, tourists go on a hike.

If you do go by car, you can go down from the other side. On the way you will come across an old village where you can talk to the local, friendly people and learn about the ancient culture of Corfu.

Best time to visit

Nissaki is a coastal resort, so the tourist season here starts from May to October. During this time, the water warms up to a comfortable temperature. You can enjoy swimming and snorkeling. The rest of the year you can't enjoy a beach holiday, but you can explore the island, see the historical and architectural sites and conquer the mountain peaks at any time of the year.