At the foot of the mountains, far away from the sea, the old, ruined and abandoned town of Stari Bar is lost. It is the birthplace of Montenegrin settlement. It is worth to come here for a day to escape from the crowds of tourists and hear the echoes of past generations.

The fastest and cheapest way to get to the Old Bar is to rent a car. The city is 5 km from the coast and modern Bar. From the parking lot to the gate you have to walk 300 meters along a cozy alley. On it there are souvenir shops and small restaurants.

There is a fee to enter the Old Bar fortress, which is considered an open-air museum.

What to do

  • visit a small museum of the history and archaeological findings of the city;
  • see the ancient ruins, castle walls, and amphitheatre;
  • admire the local nature and walk around a lot;
  • taste the local cuisine and buy souvenirs.


Powder explosions and earthquakes have destroyed much of the city. But what has survived is a must-see to find yourself in a medieval fairy tale.

The Omerbašić Mosque and the minaret, which were almost unscathed. The clock tower, which was reconstructed after the earthquake. The ruins of St. George's Cathedral and the city gate. The citadel and churches. You can walk around these sights in just a couple of hours.

The ancient buildings preserve the ancient inscriptions and paintings. And from the fortress walls there is a gorgeous view of the city itself, the mountains and the aqueduct. There is an amphitheater on the grounds, where various events and performances are still held today.


  • The ideal time to visit is near sunset. It is no longer so hot, you can safely walk around and enjoy the medieval atmosphere;
  • Shoes should be comfortable, sneakers are best. There are no normal roads on the territory, you will have to walk a lot of ruins and debris of the past;
  • Be sure to take water and a snack with you;
  • In souvenir shops and stores you can buy olive oil, olives, honey, fragrant soap, local wines, etc. However, the prices are designed for tourists, so if you want to save money, you can buy the same in the coastal city, but cheaper;
  • There are quite colorful cafes, where you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere. Or try the meat dishes, such as meat under the sachem or lamb chorba.

Old Bar is reminiscent of the local Pompeii. People left this city more than 140 years ago, but it continues to live thanks to tourists who want to touch the mystery of bygone years.