In the northern part of the island of Lesbos lies the picturesque settlement of Petra. Its main feature are the rocks surrounding the village. Here is a well-developed tourist infrastructure. Petra has everything for the travelers: cozy cafes, lots of stores and souvenir shops, beautiful nature, the sea and the beach. For those who want to stay for a few days there are comfortable apartments and hotels. And for those who came here for one day will be something to see.

The fastest way from the capital you can get by rented car. The trip will take about 1.5 hours. If you are in Mitimna you will have to drive only 5 km - about 10 minutes.


The main attraction of Petra is the church of Our Lady of Glycophilus on the highest point of the cliff. To get here you have to climb 114 steps. The way is very picturesque, so you can take a lot of beautiful photos and enjoy the local scenery. From here you can see the whole city with its red tiled roofs and the sea.

There is also the church of St. Nicholas, which has preserved the wall paintings of the 16th century. Old mansions, Greek houses and winding streets plunge visitors into the Middle Ages. If you want to know the technology of national Uzo production, you can visit the distillery.

Another attraction of the city is its spacious beach, which was awarded the "Blue Flag". The beach is equipped with sun loungers and showers. Here you can indulge in a Greek massage, dine at the tavernas by the sea and go scuba diving. It is in Petra where the best diving center of the island is located.

From the beach you can see three small islands. Therefore, those who wish can rent a boat or take an excursion to them.

When is the best time to come

Late spring and mid-autumn is considered the best time to visit the island and its cities. The climate is pleasant, warm, you can sunbathe and swim, while seeing the main sights.

July and August are considered the hottest months. Around the middle of August, there are mass festivities in Petra in honor of the festival of the Virgin Mary. You can attend the solemn service and then see the Greeks celebrating the holiday in the main square of the settlement.

If you are vacationing in winter, you will not be able to swim. The air temperature drops to +10 and there is no snow. And since Petra is a coastal town, it is not so interesting in winter time.