The Plitvice Lakes National Park is a 2-hour drive from Zagreb. Every vacationer in Croatia should visit this place. The park amazes with its emerald lakes, which flow down in cascades. Noisy waterfalls, relict forests, interesting caves and picturesque rocks can be seen in one day.

Only a small part of this beautiful place is open to tourists, the rest of the territory is closed for the preservation of wild animals and rare plants. But there are enough interesting routes to enjoy the surrounding nature and the purest, healing air.

Routes for walking

The simplest trails are designed for a 3-hour walk. For people who are trained or want to spend a whole day here, you can choose more difficult routes. Usually there are several hours of tours and a lot of interesting things are left unseen, so it is better to explore the area on your own.

The easiest route takes about 2-3 hours. It covers a huge waterfall - Veliki Slap, a cave and an observation deck with a view of the cascade of lakes. The route is circular, so tourists go back to the starting point.

The next route is just as easy and only an hour longer. You will see the lower lakes, walk along the canyon and have a rest at the specially designed area near the lake Kozjak. Then you can take a boat ride or a panoramic train ride on it. And from the eastern side of the canyon back.

The third route will take 4-6 hours. It has an average level of complexity and you will have to walk it on your own. You will see the cascades of the lower and upper lakes, 3 beautiful waterfalls and return back on the panoramic train.

The most difficult way to pass in 6-8 hours. Its essence is to pass the entire open area of the park on foot. It includes Veliki Slap waterfall, canyon, and Kozyak lake. Then you will go up to the observation deck, where you can see the lakes Prosciansko and Ciginovac.

There are also trails from the opposite entrance to the park. They are slightly different, some more extended. But they are about the same in time and difficulty. There is a sign at the entrance, where everyone can study in detail the routes and choose the right one for themselves.

What else to do in Plitvice Lakes

In addition to hiking, riding a boat or a road train, the park offers the following activities:

  • there is a special route for experienced hikers - the ascent to Mount Medvezak;
  • you can take a bicycle for a ride in the picturesque surroundings;
  • go boating on the lake Koziak; 
  • in wintertime there is a skiing base, where you can rent equipment and ride a wide trail.

This place is breathtaking in its beauty and pristine. You can't swim here, make a fire or have a picnic. The whole area is under supervision and protection, but this is how the Plitvice Lakes remain a clean, untouched area with its unique ecosystem.