On the south of the island of Lesbos, 39 km from the capital of Mitilini, lies the town of Plomari. It is a commercial and industrial center which is well known outside Greece. The coastal town is famous for its soap industry and distilleries. But what will it be of interest to a tourist, you ask? Plomari has a fairly well-developed tourist infrastructure.

Here you can:

  • Relax on one of the best beaches of Lesbos;
  • Visit museums and a distillery;
  • Visit the famous Ouzo Festival (if you come in July);
  • Walk through the atmospheric streets and taste Greek dishes based on the best traditional recipes.

City Guide

Plomari is a beautiful coastal town on hilly slopes that is pleasant to stroll through the labyrinthine streets. The old houses with red roofs and churches add to the special atmosphere. You will see Turkish fountains, a landscaped promenade with many restaurants and taverns.

Soap Museum and Ouzo Museum are a must visit. These places will introduce you to the history of trade development and peculiarities of production. You can also learn how to make olive oil, because there is a factory for its production.

The beach of Agios Isidoros is 2 km away from the town and was awarded with the Blue Flag. It is considered the best on the whole island. The coastline is well organized, the soft sand mixed with fine pebbles and the crystal clear water attracts tourists from all over the island. So be prepared, it is quite crowded.

Another advantage of the beach - the picturesque rocks and large boulders. The picture is very beautiful. Here you can enjoy your time at sea, snorkeling and fishing. But beware, there are sea urchins in the sea.

In the cozy and atmospheric taverns plays nice Greek music. The prices are affordable. You can relax and taste the delicious local cuisine.

The best time to visit Plomari

The holiday season on the island is from mid spring to mid fall. If you want to explore the local attractions, the best time to visit would be spring and autumn. For a beach vacation, May through August is ideal. However, in summer the temperature can reach 40 degrees. Therefore, the only salvation will be a vacation by the sea, but the walks around the city and sightseeing is not the best option. If you find yourself in Plomari in mid-July, you'll be lucky enough to visit the famous festival of ouzo, which attracts tourists from all over Greece.