The small town of Postojna is located 50 km from Ljubljana. You can reach it by car in 40 to 60 minutes. (depending on traffic congestion). The place is interesting with its sights, which everyone who travels in Slovenia wishes to see.

The main role in the development of tourism in the city was played by the attraction Postojnska Jama. It is the longest cave in the whole of Slovenia. But in addition to it in Postojna there are other interesting places to visit. It is nice to walk along the long paths and see the sights. The main thing is not to forget to take a camera, which will long capture what you see in your memories.


  • Postojnska Jama

The cave attracts attention with its vast territory full of passages, tunnels, underground rivers, corridors, halls and bridges. It is the largest in Slovenia and the most visited in Europe. Numerous stalactites and stalagmites are astonishingly large. The cave was formed by the River Pivka, which flows underground.

For the comfortable exploration of Postojnska Jama (Postojnska Jama) there was installed electricity, and laid rails, on which you can ride on the underground transport (about 4 km). The remaining distance should be walked, and an audio guide will tell the story and give a tour in your native language.

  • Predyamsky Castle

An ancient castle on the edge of a cliff with two caves. The castle is surrounded by forest and hills with small houses. Inside the castle there is a museum. You will walk through the typical castle rooms with moults, look at the various exhibitions. If you go up the steps, they will lead you to the upper cave. The lower one is under the castle. The cave is multi-level and is the second most important after the Postojna Pit. 

  • Pustolov Park

A great place for outdoor activities. It is a rope park with many routes of varying difficulty. It is suitable for adults and children. It is open from April to October.


  • Before you go, carefully examine the underground train schedule to carefully plan your day in Postojna. The mode of departure depends on the time of year. 
  • In summer, there are many festivals in the city where you will see theater performances, concerts and exhibitions. 
  • The temperature in the cave at any time of year is around +10 degrees, so be sure to take warm clothes or you will have to rent them at the entrance to the cave.