On the territory of Sochi, since the time of the dinosaurs, Psaho Canyon has preserved its pristine beauty. Territorially, it has two parts: Dry and Wet. There are amazing for Russia plants and trees grow here, as the Canyon is located in the northern subtropics of the planet.

In Psaho sufficiently developed infrastructure, there are places for recreation. The route can be taken alone or with a guide, who will show the most unusual places and tell the history of this picturesque place.

You can get here by car, preferably by renting an SUV. This way is the fastest, most convenient and you can enjoy plenty of canyon without rushing.

From Sochi, the road will take just over 1 hour. We have to go through Adler, so if you're already here, then you're lucky. The way from Adler takes 40 minutes. Closer to the entrance to Psako, the road becomes stony, you will have to wade across the river in some places. That is where the off-road vehicle comes in handy! And then begins the most interesting part...

Wet Canyon

The name "Wet" comes from the river flowing along the canyon. Once you are here, you will be transported 10 million years ago, because its landscape and the surrounding nature has almost unchanged since those times. True, there are no more dinosaurs, and for the tourists the place has been improved.

You will walk along the equipped lanes, comfortable stairs, past pavilions, souvenir shops and cafes. At the same time the surrounding nature has remained untouched, and you can enjoy the rare plants (eg, red boxwood), rocky terrain and the flowing river.

The trail winds its way through dense forest, rocky bluffs, small waterfalls, grottos, waterfalls, and karst canals. You can refresh yourself in numerous river baths on a hot day (the water here is always cool).

At the end there will be a sign "End of recreation facility", which indicates the end of the equipped trail. From here you can enter a wilderness area, which is accessible only to the brave ones. Moving forward you can come to Dry Canyon.

Dry Canyon

It is located 30 minutes from the river bed. This tectonic block was once at the bottom of an ancient ocean, but after an earthquake it split and rose to the top. The route along the bottom of the canyon only takes 20-30 minutes.

You will see rocky walls, up to 20 meters high, grottoes and crevices, from which green trees and bushes grow.

The route is not difficult, but very scenic. If you have a whole day, the canyon is worth a full walk and immerse yourself in its unique atmosphere.